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  1. Hi all, I use NX-CIF210 serial unit and NX_SerialSend function block. Has anyone idea why takes it 12 ms that I send 8 byte data on RS232 line? 115200 baud rate  I measure the time between the function block execute and done.
  2. Hi JYG! How do you sent the structure from the PLC? Convert he stuct to array of byte? And in c# how can I convert the message to structure?
  3. EtherCAT Junction Box

    Hi kckku, are you use the Beckhoff EtherCAT junction module? Is it working well with Omron?
  4. Sysmac studio support FINS/TCP?

    Hi! You want to use direct FINS messages? Or you want to read and write the PLC memory via FINS? If the second you can use NX1P2. Enable the CJ memory and then you can read and write these memory area.
  5. Timers and Structured Text

    Hi! In first picture the timer isn't called. If you take a this row to your program then the timer is started: Password_RST_TTimer(); This timer is a funciton block, so must be call in the program. You only set the function block input parameter and not called. In second picture the timer is called, so it is working.  
  6. Synchronising 1S servos

    Which PLC you use? If it is allow motion control axis then you can create an axis group. With a group you can move syncronized the axises.
  7. Time display formatting question

    Temp := TimeToSec(yourTimerVariable); Hour := Temp / 3600; Min := (Temp MOD 3600) / 60; Sec := (Temp MOD 60); After that you can convert this 3 integer to  string. Then concat with ":"
  8. CX-Supervisor - NX1P2 communication

    Thank you! I know the using CJ memory of NX1P2,  my question is that memorys can be read in Supervisor? I cant add NX1P2 in CX-SUPERVISOR.
  9. Hi all! Somebody make CX-Supervisor project with NX1P2 PLC? Is it possible to use CJ memory of NX1P2?
  10. Take the two image in same position and create animation on the image visiblity with a variabe or in subroutine you can set the images IsVisibe property.
  11. Edge Detection in Structure Text

    simonongsk: in your code the rising and falling edge is increase the counter. One other solution: IF timeOut AND NOT PreviosState THEN    Counter:=Counter+1; END_IF; PreviosState:=timeOut;   Or in ST you can use R_TRIG variable: rtrigTimeout(Clk := timeOut); IF rtrigTimeout.Q THEN       Counter := Counter + 1; END_IF; In that case declare rtrigTimeout with R_TRIG data type.
  12. Hi, You can use it with controller variable too, but cant use an array inside a structure. Try it with a simle array in PLC and its work.
  13. Hi, You can use tag data link, to cyclic communication. In this case you set up the controller to read the other device. See video: Another option to use CIP. CIPOpen, CIPRead, CIPWrite, CIPClose instuction see in instructions reference. With this function block you can make the communication in code.   EthernetIP manual:  
  14. Torque control mode

    Which NX1P2 you use? If NX1P2-9.... then you can not use torque control. If NX1P2-1... then you can set in the Axis settings Control function to Motion control.