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  1. DTAM Software

    are you still looking for the s/w.. i have a copy I can send you a link as long as the moderators allow it. I haven't used it in years and years.. I only use it for reference for one customer who amazingly still has an operational DTAM.. 
  2. yes.. I know this is for plc's but I'm running out of options and figured I'd give this a try... customer has an older  BALDOR MicroFlex FMH2A06TR-EN23 that is giving them problems and I'm looking to replace the unit. Most of the one's I can locate (w/o going to a different or newer model) have a 'Z' at the end of the pn.. none of the manuals indicate what this stands for.. any help appreciated. Thanks, Bob 
  3. Ancient QuickPanel

    comm port and cable seem correct.. when I try to connect at 9600 I get a message that the baud is set properly and then receive the message that the uploader failed to start. If I set the comm's to 19200 I don't receive any messages and the program hangs. Its not a big issue. I was originally told that the screen wasn't 'on'.. and I thought it might be the backlight.. figured I could pull the program and reload into something else. Turned out the screen did function and its not a big program.. I was able to log into the plc (AB SLC5/03) and basically watch which bits went on/off when I pressed buttons, and likewise I was able to figure out what all the numeric entries were tied too.  My guess is there is a failing component on the QuickPanel and if they leave it on it will heat up and start failing again. I have all the connections in any case.  I was just making sure I wasn't missing something really stupid (not setting the Comm port # would fall into that category since I'm using a USB cable). Thanks for the quick reply. Bob
  4. Ancient QuickPanel

    customer has an old (and I mean old) QuickPanel Jr QPJ-1D100L2P.. my oldest Procify is version 5.6 and appears only to support the QPJ-2xxxxx series. I tried to connect to the existing unit but I receive an error that the Uploader Failed To Start. Does anyone know which version of PME (if any) supports the QPJ-1xxxxxx? I only want to pull the existing program out if possible. Any info appreciated.  Thanks, Bob
  5. Kunlun

    thanks....not sure why I missed the links in my search. I'm just the integrator...I would change the unit out in a heartbeat... customer's not quite ready to do that as yet. Thanks For the Response Have a Happy Holiday!!!!
  6. Kunlun

    customer has a machine with a kunlun hmi... its from China and thats all the information we can get...nothing from the machine mfg...we're looking to get the programming s/w (yes, we are willing to pay)... and any manuals that are available. Anyone ever heard of this thing? Thanks, Bob
  7. Micrologix 1400

    thanks.....I think I got it
  8. Micrologix 1400

    ok......the 'FUNCTION FILES' tab? And then what.....I can open the file for the HSC:0 but how or where is the MODE setting set? You can't set it in the Function File as far as I can determine.  It (HSC:0,MOD) is READ ONLY.
  9. really simple and stupid the heck do you set the modes for the HSC's for a Micrologix 1400.......manual simply states its set by the programming device.......where might this mystery setting reside? Its not in the function file(s)....and I can't locate it anywhere else. thanks, bob
  10. since everything Siemens sucks (TIA actually stands for Totally Idiotic Application) your website is a waste.
  11. Simatic HMI

    Does anyone know if there is a method to set limits on a numeric entry when using a Simatic HMI? Doesn't seem to be any properties regarding this on the button. Additionally, is there any way to remove the Hexadecimal buttons on the popup keyboard? None of customers actually use 35+ years no one has ever requested to enter or display hex numbers. Thanks, Bob
  12. Addressing

    sorry isn't that simple.....the '[' character is not valid for addressing in Intouch.
  13. Hoping someone can help me on this. I'm trying to address a tag array in a CompactLogix processor using Wonderware Intouch. The address in the plc is AlarmFlags[0] but this is not a valid Wonderware address. I've done this in the past but I don't remember the syntax. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  14. Customer has a 2711 keypad unit with a suufix 'x' at the end.....does anyone know what the 'x' designates? I can't find any reference on the AB knowledgebase or in the manuals. thanks
  15. 1761-net-eni

    the ENI is strickly a communication module. It does not do any internal mapping