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  1. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    What is hooked up to the serial port of the processor? There is messaging in the first rung of ladder 2 that needs to be working with the data that is sent is correct for the PLC to examine and make decisions off. The outputs from the previous post are being used if you double click(while online) the output file under data files and there is a 1 in O:1/0 it is telling the drive to stop.  If it were me I would reach out to the equipment manufacturer there may be some additional set up with your equipment as the PLC is probably doing what it was intended to do.
  2. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    This covers your scanport device as well. Look at the command word on 4-6 then reference the logic in your plc program there is probably something making the stop command. Your dipswitch settings have you at address 1 and set to logical command. So If your Scanner is in slot 1 look at the O:1/0 for stop and O:1/1 for start. There may be an input from somewhere in your system not satisfied.  http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/um/1203-um011_-en-p.pdf
  3. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Was there a component changed out recently or did the system just stop working? The dipswitch settings are critical I've worked on remote io on these drives. Are you positive the PLC is giving the command signal(view through software).   How are you viewing the command freq through  software or an HMI? .  One thing you could do is turn the minimum frequency up to like ten and try and start it to see if your issue is with the start and stop or with the frequency command. IF this is something you are trying to get to work post your code and we can see what's happening, I have files of some older machines with a similar setup.
  4. Newbie Screwed up AB 5/04

    On the HMI where you select pages select more go to offline mode then select serial transfer mode. From the software select File VCP transfer and then you can upload or download. On the right tab you can  also set the comm ports.  If the Upload gives you trouble what I've had to do in the past is cycle power to the HMI then when it starts note the name of the .PPS file then when you select upload then type that name in and it has worked for me.  Do you have the panelmate power pro software?  I do and it says PM config in the working space so I am assuming it is the same.  At work I have made a document with screen shots for the other guys on how to download.  I could possibly send this to you. One other thing to note if it has lost everything when you go to download you many have to download the Executive firmware, then the AB driver, then the config file.
  5. PmConfig is part of the software for those screens it sounds to me like you need to match the port settings from the panelmate power pro to the PLC here is a screenshot of where to locate the port settings.
  6. Newbie Screwed up AB 5/04

    It sounds like he was trying to restore program possibly from power event they  should probably invest in some eeproms.
  7. 5/03

    It has most likely lost its program and you will have to open the program up  then download to it. If this is the case the PLC name will have changed to DEFAULT. 
  8. Wonderware System Platform Scripts for Trending

    Write your script then put Flow_Total in as a UDA then go to extensions and check on historical extension for the attribute Flow_Total and then you will be able to trend it.