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  1. Micrologix 1400

    thanks.....I think I got it
  2. Micrologix 1400

    ok......the 'FUNCTION FILES' tab? And then what.....I can open the file for the HSC:0 but how or where is the MODE setting set? You can't set it in the Function File as far as I can determine.  It (HSC:0,MOD) is READ ONLY.
  3. Micrologix 1400

    really simple and stupid the heck do you set the modes for the HSC's for a Micrologix 1400.......manual simply states its set by the programming device.......where might this mystery setting reside? Its not in the function file(s)....and I can't locate it anywhere else. thanks, bob
  4. since everything Siemens sucks (TIA actually stands for Totally Idiotic Application) your website is a waste.
  5. Simatic HMI

    Does anyone know if there is a method to set limits on a numeric entry when using a Simatic HMI? Doesn't seem to be any properties regarding this on the button. Additionally, is there any way to remove the Hexadecimal buttons on the popup keyboard? None of customers actually use 35+ years no one has ever requested to enter or display hex numbers. Thanks, Bob
  6. Addressing

    sorry isn't that simple.....the '[' character is not valid for addressing in Intouch.
  7. Addressing

    Hoping someone can help me on this. I'm trying to address a tag array in a CompactLogix processor using Wonderware Intouch. The address in the plc is AlarmFlags[0] but this is not a valid Wonderware address. I've done this in the past but I don't remember the syntax. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  8. panelview

    Customer has a 2711 keypad unit with a suufix 'x' at the end.....does anyone know what the 'x' designates? I can't find any reference on the AB knowledgebase or in the manuals. thanks
  9. 1761-net-eni

    the ENI is strickly a communication module. It does not do any internal mapping
  10. Conversion

    thanks.......thats what I needed.
  11. Conversion

    Siemens S7-300........I can convert from INT to DI.....and from DI to REAL. I don't see any standard method of going backwards from REAL to DI and from DI to INT My actual application needs to go from REAL to INT (DI to INT is kinda dumb) Thanks, Bob
  12. Servo gearing

    should be an easy question.......have a machine with several AB Kinetix 350 problem gearing them together or gearing them to an Ether/IP encoder. can't seem to find any method to gear them to a local io encoder channel. any suggestions? thanks, bob
  13. FX2

    have a very old FX2-32MT........battery went south (after 23 years!!!) and processor lost program. Connecting using FX-Win.....I can read or write plc, but I'm unable to place the unit into run mode. The selection from the plc menu is grayed out as well as the Option menu plc mode setting. If a do a plc diagnostics I see a communication fault being indicated? I also tried GX Developer with similar results. Could be I'm using Windows-7 (with a physical serial port)......I'll be trying Windows-XP (also with a physical serial port) and I also have a very old Windows-98 laptop available. has an actual physical serial port too!!!! Any other suggestions or help appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  14. FX2

    Really simple question. FX2 (not an FX2n). My documentation doesn't indicate....does this need a 422/232 convert cable or is it simply a 232 interface, Thanks, bob
  15. Siemens

    that link simply indicates which company is larger overall.......when was the last time (in the USA) that you encountered an ABB plc? Yet, they are 2nd in the list.......lots of companies sell a lot of equipment that AB doesn't.....there are no Rockwell robots but lots of ABB units..........years ago I had a client that guaranteed me that the only plc that would work for his project was a TI !!! Supposedly he had tried everything else and only a TI worked (application was simply controlling a VFD). So we used a TI (frightening!!!).......when deciding what devices or equipment to use or specify, function and cost (h/w and development) are my deciding factors. When I have used Siemens in the past I was also struck by not only the high h/w cost, but how unfriendly the documentation and s/w was when compared to competitive products. This directly goes to how I would price projects. I can develope about twice as fast on a Rockwell platform as opposed to a Siemens. And I've been to Germany and watched 'Siemens' programmers and they're no faster.