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  1. VMWare configuration for AB software

    Hi asteroide.   Have you installed the VMWare tools? Secondly use Windows 7 Pro x86 rather than the x64 version. I have always had issues with an x64 guest OS.   Cheers Guy
  2. Allen Bradley GPRS ??

    Hi genious2015. Welcome to the forum. I've done a system with two PLCs in differnet remote locations to a central SCADA about 6 years ago and used radio instead of GPRS as we had line of sight and the distance was only about 5km. We used the Elpro range of products which is now owned by Eaton. Have a look at the 615M-1 or 645M-1 cellular modems, they might suit your needs. http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/public/en/bussmann/wireless/products/industrial_wireless/industrial_wirelessmodemsdeviceservers/industrial_gsm_gprswirelessmodemrouter/615M-1_Cellular_Modem_IP_Router.html   Cheers Guy
  3. hmi omron

    you are welcome   if you ge stuck or lost just post the part/model numbers of the HMI and PLC and tell us exactly what you are trying to do. There are plenty of people on the forum who should be able to help you.
  4. hmi omron

    Hi danhnguyendt. Without you specifying which items you need information on them members of this forum will not be able to help you very much.   Go to https://www.myomron.com/ Register and once you can log in you will find all the documenation you need. If you need help with something specific please give us more information.   Cheers Guy
  5. panelview 550 replacement

    Hi Mark. Do you already have the FactoryTalk View Studio ME software?   I have attached the coverted program for you using FactoryTalk View Studio ME V7.0, it converted without any errors. I had a very quick browse through it and it looks okay. I have not looked at the tag details or the more in depth stuff as I need to head out to a client. Edit: scaling it to a PanelView Plus 6 600 resolution appears to have worked pretty well (PVP6_600.apa file). You will need to recreate the communication paths. If you are going to use a touch only version of the PanelViewPlus 6 series then I would advise that you edit the selection buttons on each page to delete the reference to F1-F4 as it tends to confuse the operators. Cheers Guy   MarkBromley.apa MarkBromley_PVP6_600.apa
  6. panelview 550 replacement

    Hi Mark. The conversion complexity is based on how complex the original panelbuilder code is. The main things I found when converting the panelview 1000 to a panelview plus 6 1250 was that the macros were not brought across, scaling the screens to a larger screen size worked on most pages but not all, text alignment went haywire, and I had to edit the colour status for all the indicators. all easy stuff, it just took a little bit of time. The panelview 550 application conversion to a panelview plus 6 600 was 99% perfect but there were only 10 pages and it was very basic information.  As kaiser_will suggested: you need to read the migration documentation (there is more than one document) as they will give you all the details you need from what can be converted, what cannot be converted, what to do about the error log at the end of the conversion, what screen you should choose, what addon modules you need etc. Again as kaiser_will suggested, try converting the program. See what errors pop up and what you need to do to rectify them and if you do not have a panelview plus 6/7 series to download the converted code to then just use the built in simulator to get a rough idea.   Cheers Guy
  7. panelview 550 replacement

    Hi Mark. Have a look at the PanelView 6 600, it is a direct size replacement for the PanelView 550 so you do not need to modify the cutout size but it will require you to use a third party adapter to get DH485. If you can modify the cutout size to accept a PanelView Plus 6 700 then you can use the 2711P-RN6 communication adapter with it to get DH485 communication (among others). I recently use one with a PanelView Plus 6 1250 to replace a PanelView 1000. Disclaimer: The documentation says that the 2711P-RN6 adapter will fit on the PanelView Plus 6 700 - 1500 but I have only used the 2711P-RN6 with the PanelView Plus 6 1250. I recommend that you confirm with your local Rockwell agents that the 2711P-RN6 will fit on the PanelView Plus 6 700. Cheers Guy
  8. how to find admins of forum ?

    Hi Anonymous Cross. I am sure there are plenty of people on this forum, who use Allen Bradley products regularly, that will be able to help you. I have been using AB product for 8 years with my experience being mostly in cold storage, warehousing & distribution as well as the food industry. What type of help are you looking for? general AB programming/fuctionality? consulting/system design? programming work? application assistance? etc.   Cheers, Guy
  9. Hi vasabi. The delta HMIs and PLCs are both defaulted to the same serial settings for easy of communication, if you need to change the comms settings just look through the help file for special registers and you will find the settings you need (help\PLC instruction and special registers reference), start looking at M1120 for comm port functions. You need to make sure that you are using the correct cable connection between the PLC and HMI, correct polarity as well as the correct port on the HMI. By default port 1 is set to RS232 and port 2 to RS485. once you have the communication sorted the tags for your buttons will work. To have the HMI screen change controlled by the PLC  go to options/configuration in DopSoft then select the Control Block tab. you will see two check boxes with "Screen No" next to them. the first one is your control variable the second is the status. Here is the link to the connection guide from Delta: use figure "e" on page 2. http://www.deltaww.com/filecenter/Products/download/06/060302/Manual/DELTA_IA-HMI_Delta-DVP-PLC_CM_EN_20160122.pdf If you are still struggling let me know.   Cheers Guy
  10. Ethernet IP Nodes

    I second the use of Moxa switches. They have Ethernet/IP certified switches as well which is what we use.
  11. OLDI Modules

    Hi G_DeMark.   I had a look at that unit a while back for a project, and even had a web demo from their technical guys in Europe, but it was going to cost over R100k just to land one card here is South Africa so we ended up getting a custom piece of software written by a local software dev company for a third of the price. we would have needed to upgrade to a controllogix system as well back then. If price was not an option for our client I would have recommened it. Our applications was to read in the barcodes of cartons at five different locations, via ethernet, and determine if those cartons needed to be diverted any of the 8 divert stations on the conveyor line.  They were in the process of developing a unit for the compactlogix range when I spoke to them about two years ago but I do not know how far they have progressed with that. The softing unit would be great to use as we can log data to and retrieve data from databases without the need for a PC acting as an intermediary but on a lot of our projects just the price is prohibitive. I have heard rumours that AB is going to bring out a CPU with a windows side to it that can be enabled or disabled so that might be worth looking into.   Cheers Guy  
  12. Compact Logix

    Hi brewer.   Are ethernet radio links an option for you? We have used those to link two ML1400 PLCs and a SCADA PC at 3 locations all about 2.5 to 4km apart. Going Ethernet allowed us to remotely connect to each unit easily.    Cheers Guy
  13. Addressing

    mmm As I said it has been a while since I use InTouch. have you tried creating an alias for the array inside the DASABCIP driver? I assume you are using this driver. beyond that  I will need more information about the system. PLC model and firmware, InTouch version, driver type etc.    
  14. delta hmi communication speed

    interesting. I have sent you a pm.
  15. delta hmi communication speed

    Does your macro have the "END" function included?