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  1. Unable to go online

    Hello,   I was ale to connect the Power Supply (IC693PWR321) and CPU (IC693CPU311) however, I'm unable to go online.   I have attached files so you can see what is happening: Match serial communication setup for PC and PLC PC,  used Device Manager to set up    COM4, 19200, 8, odd, 1 PLC, used CPU under hardware set 19200, 8, odd, 1, (see attachment PLC communication setup) connected and disconnected serial/USB cable and port appears and disappears in Ports (Com & LPT) in device manager Setup Hardware in PLC PLC, defined hardware and pulled report (see attachment Hardware BOM report)  Why ( 2 ) IC693CPU311 ?    Redundant processor not an option in CPU 311. PLC, disable password under CPU (see attachment PLC communication setup) Setup Target 1 Make target active, Clean Build, Validate (see attachment Validation error message) Go ONLINE,  received time out error 8503 (see attachment Time Out Error) Pulled HELP for Validation error Highlighted line in Feedback window and looked in Companion window for help response. (see attachment for Help 1 & Help 2 for Validation error) Could be that the drivers are not available for this old hardware????!!!    
  2. Hi, i deleted the symbol bar by mistake in the cx programmer while writing a program. how do I reinsert them?   thanks