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  1. studio5000 FBE signal lines

    You can manage the lines by not having any. For instance, using a very simple example of a multiply block\ I created a Multiply block and called it X1. X1 tags are: X1.SourceA, X1SourceB, and X1.Dest In structured text I could do X1.SourceA := tag or value X1.SourceB := tag or value X1.Dest could be mapped to another tag or just use X1.Dest If you don't have Structured text use a MOV move a value to X1.SourceA and X1.SourceB Very crude example.   Here's a real life example of how I map tags to/from a liquid orifice plate calculation: // Liquid Orifice Flow Calculation FI2101.HW := Analog[30].PV; FI2101.Tf := 98.0; FI2101.D := 6.065; FI2101.Bore := 3.625; FI2101.Sg60 := .7813; FI2101.SgF := 0.7726; FI2101.ngpm := 5.667; FI2101.nbph := 8.096; FI2201.HW := Analog[37].PV; FI2201.Tf := 98.0; FI2201.D := 6.065; FI2201.Bore := 3.625; FI2201.Sg60 := .7813; FI2201.SgF := 0.7726; FI2201.ngpm := 5.667; FI2201.nbph := 8.096; The left side is the input to a function block.
  2. Can you do >= and <= and just use the OTE as time suggested?
  3. Two problems on two different computers

    Final resolution was to take my laptop off of the network. The FlexNet "issue" is only an issue when the laptop is in the WAN but I can't find any software or driver that's causing it. I also loaded version 31, some patches, and AOP's. Both computers work now. The desktop is on the network and the laptop isn't. I suppose I should try it on the network since I made the same changes to it. Maybe later :) 
  4. Two problems on two different computers

    You were very helpful Bob. You pointed me to the FlexNet problem. I didn't realize that it wasn't AB software. It looked odd to me. I didn't remember the server being called FlexNet, because it isn't, but for all I knew AB had changed it. I've attached what I think is the last piece of the puzzle. I don't know why "it worked and then it didn't" yesterday.  Note: I think I uploaded it. I can see the file but it popped an upload failed screen when I tried to upload (edit - Nope... no file uploaded. Standby. I'll put it in Dropbox and link it.
  5. Two problems on two different computers

    Once again it appears that posting on a forum will resolve problems For instance - the security key issue "fixed itself". Yesterday, post IT update, there were no Factory Talk service running. They were all gone. I left the laptop on and logged in over lunch. It logged out but things happen in the background. The laptop now has all of the services back and it recognizes my license dongle. No software installs were performed. I think the IT help desk was working behind the scenes. They knew there was a problem as of yesterday. It's not unusual for that to happen. (no longer working, read on) I think the AOP issue is simpler. I tried another group of AOP's. Bear in mind that I downloaded Gigabytes of AOP updates. This one is the most recent: RA1756ApexAnalog_Rel_4.02.26_Signed and I can now edit the RTD cards without crashing the software on the desktop And in the time it took to type this, the laptop "FlexNet" problem is back. When I could see my license files and I checked the server all it said was server. Now it says FlexNet and none of the software is authorized. I turned off the WiFi and shut the computer down. I'll get back on it tomorrow. 1/2 way there...
  6. Two problems on two different computers

    Deleting the RSH and RS? didn't fix it on the desktop. Programs used to work in both. They still open in older versions I just tried to reinstall with repair but there was no option to repair. I can't even reinstall over the top of V28. The strange thing is that the software works, just not with the RTD/TC card
  7. Problem 1: Laptop doesn't recognize the license dongle. FlexNet server stopped and won't start (Flexnet doesn't ring any bells, is that the right server for license files?). No license available My laptop was working fine. It hasn't been on the company network for about 3 months, which is probably why it was working fine. When I plugged it into the network I got the "you aren't authorized for this network, begone you evil Russian hacker"... ok, I made the last part up. Our wonderful IT lady (seriously) came by, clickety clackety click, and now the laptop works on the network but the license server stopped working. It gets better. The desktop, 2' away, that has been on the network for the whole time, works fine. The server is running, licenses are recognized. Life is good.   Problem 2: Neither the laptop or the desktop will let me add a 1756 IRT8I 8 channel RTD / Thermocouple AI card (Rev 11). I sent the program to a friend and he was able to add 2 with no issues. He sent the program back to me but when I opened the program, then opened the module, and then made a simple edit (renamed the card to RTD1) it pops the same error as always   PS1756ApexAnalogTagExt  a big red X and OUT OF MEMORY. Click ok and the program faults and shuts down, eventually popping a fatal error message that basically says there's no message. It's a do nothing program that is literally just IO cards. I've got to FAT a panel in a few weeks and I need a way to force IO. I can attach it but since one person can edit it and I can't on either machine that seems pointless. I tried it on the laptop before I screwed up and put it on the network and got the same error. Only if I try to add the RTD card though. All other cards are fine. I've updated AOP's, make that- I've updated gobs of AOP's, giga gobs even. I've done the same with EDS files. I've rebooted numerous times. I made sure my computer was plugged in and the monitor was turned on :/ (shout out to IT helpdesk people everywhere). I've tried colorful language, hateful stares... nothing works so I'm going to the one place that usually has a solution...  Studio 5000 version 28 btw.   Plan z is to try loading the software on my personal laptop and seeing if IT proofed computers work any better. I was pretty sure the AOP was going to fix it. Nyet...
  8. Copy Of Add on instruction

    If you can download to the processor with no consequences then you can modify the aoi offline and download. If you need to keep line running then modify it offline, change the name, and import 
  9. Copy Of Add on instruction

    Short version - yes you can. You can add to the original and use that if the belt has a different processor. The easiest is to do it the way you outlined it here
  10. 0-10V output drops when connected to Micrologix 1400

    Can you share how you're wiring the loop?
  11. sine wave generation for frequency tests purpose

    I've never had the luxury, need, or desire to continuously disrupt the process by using a sinewave for a setpoint. I'm sure you haven't either. Typically you step the setpoint, analyze the result, adjust tuning parameters, step change, etc. Maybe the OP is working on an exercise intended to teach loop tuning?
  12. sine wave generation for frequency tests purpose

    This?: http://www.ni.com/tutorial/6450/en/ Controlled by a PLC or controlled by a PID loop in a PLC?
  13. sine wave generation for frequency tests purpose

    I don't think you're dense, but if you are you have company :)
  14. sine wave generation for frequency tests purpose

    I think you can use a PID loop with the analog output fed back to the PV of the loop, then vary the gain and integral values to adjust the output "characteristics". Tap off of the output for an analog representation of the sine wave. I am struggling to understand what type of signal you are looking for. If analog, what is the scale or limits? 0-100%; -100% - 0 - 100%? Actual frequency and amplitude? Frequency in Hz. kHz? I don't think you are looking for a Boolean value but I don't want to assume so I'll ask.
  15. sine wave generation for frequency tests purpose

    Ok... scratch the AOI. I almosts always over complicate the first draft and this was no exception. Besides that it has errors.  How do you see this function working?  The idea behind what you want to implement isn't clear. Are you going to drive an analog output? Linear motor driving a pump?