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  1. Inflation - Cost Increases

    I'm seeing the same thing with components. I needed some Nichicon 100uF 35V electrolytic capacitors a few days ago and Mouser had less than 200. That would normally be an item that they stocked 10,000 of. Some things, like connectors, are 6 months out at best
  2. Satellite communication

    Obvious first - you'll need a VSAT receiver with a serial or ethernet port. When we used them we installed a port server or a serial card in an AB PLC rack. We used MODBUS to move data. It's pretty simple once you've done one. If you'll look at the satellite as one end of a very long wire it will make sense. 
  3. Binary outputs RSlogix 5000

    I'm at work so I have access to the AB software. I can't open the L5X files. It says The specified L5X file does not contain a controller export. Likely because I don't fully understand what you are trying to do, I don't see a problem with your logic. You are trying to " call the same output on different rungs" Flip that around to call the same output with different logic Kudo's for getting this far without PLC experience. I've attached a completely unrelated type of program with various kinds of branches, one shots (ONS) (positive edge trigger that passes the on state once and won't pass it again until the input turns off then on again), etc Take a look at any of the MOV routines (motor operated valve). Some of the triggers come from Pxxx routines (pumps). There are numerous branched rungs I like to map IO to tags to user defined data types (under Data Types folder) so I can easily reassign the IO... None of this is THE way to do it. It's how I do it.        Asherton_05_26_16.ACD
  4. Binary outputs RSlogix 5000

    You can also use bits of an integer to trigger the output and then Move an Int into the register based on the DI.
  5. Binary outputs RSlogix 5000

    Unfortunately I can't look at your logic from this computer. Why can't you use OR logic to turn on the output --! ! --------------( )           ! --! !-----            ! --! !-----
  6. Studio 5000 Bit Change For Alarm

    Very good. I think you'll find an enormously talented group of people here (not so much me :o) ) and they are always willing and able to help.
  7. Studio 5000 Bit Change For Alarm

    First - I have nothing against FB programming. When I need it I use it. For clarity - in my line of work an alarm is used to tell the operator that something that he can affect is impending, and I don't latch those. A shutdown is latched and and must be reset. All of that is done in ladder logic. Use a one shot (positive edge trigger) between your reset button and unlatch otherwise the button can "fault" or, more commonly seen, the operator can hold the button in and bypass the alarm or shutdown. Or a jumper clip can be installed. Or someone could sharpen a stick and jam it into the button. I've seen all three happen.    
  8. Hi Michael!

    I assume you're still bailing the Hilcorp bunch out? 

    I did see a rumor they are going to buy the old P66 refinery in Louisiana? Are they nuts? Course it'll give you something to do for like 25 years.

    Always good to hear for you.

    Best, John

  9. Learning RSLOgic5000

    Just a heads up, when you say process be aware that could be anything from batch processes, to power plant control and shutdown, gas processing control and shutdown, conveyer systems, machinery control, and whatever else I am not even aware of.  "Any process" is a big topic
  10. Compact Logix run without I/O Cards

    I've never done it but have you tried disabling the IO cards in the IO tree? Right Click the card, select the Connection tab, Check the Inhibit Module box
  11. I hate when something is right in front of me and I don't see it :) It looks like it performs the function on the array variables (FAL_Top or does that point to an array?), one at a time every time Top_New_Data cycles, and updates the single Real value?
  12. Failed to write out of range value

    To the OP - It's not unusual to use 0,1, or 2 (or higher) with a compare to make things happen in an HMI or program. As everyone else has said- you can't use a BOOL tag for an integer function.
  13. Copied this from the help file Description The FAL instruction performs the same operations on arrays as the CPT instruction performs on elements. Added rambling thoughts- Length 520 double integers. It's set to INC so it's going to step through every time the HSC see new data.  So where's the math (computation) that's being performed?  This is why I prefer a clear and concise description to blah_blah_blahty_blah tag structure :/
  14. Masked moved instruction

    I was just looking at the help info for that instruction. It didn't make sense. A mask value of 0 is supposed to block the source bit and 1 passes the source bit yet  Input a = 0101 0101 ... etc Mask = 1111 0000 ... etc Output = 1111 1111 ... etc Description The MVM instruction uses a Mask to either pass or block Source data bits. A "1" in the mask means the data bit is passed; a "0" in the mask means the data bit is blocked. If you mix integer data types, the instruction fills the upper bits of the smaller integer data types with 0s so that they are the same size as the largest data type.   So basically I'm just camping out on your post to get an explanation that's useful.
  15. Programmatically Change IP address of Target Module

    Nothing against the OP but if this was possible I would expect Rockwell to close that hole asap