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  1. Unknown PLC

  2. https://www.radwell.com/en-US/Buy/ALLEN%20BRADLEY/ALLEN%20BRADLEY/1756-DH485/  
  3. Automation Direct C-more EA9 Series EA9-T10WCL https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/hmi_(human_machine_interface)/c-more_touch_panels_ea9_series/c-more_ea9_series_touch_panels/ea9-t10wcl
  4. PLC Programming Language

    Plus if you get "fancy" with your logic when you revisit it after a few years you may piss yourself off never mind anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Look cool .. will get blue tooth adapter and check it out Post it here also for more feedback... http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/
  6. Wire size <18awg

      When I worked in a panel shop and did machine wiring (converting machines etc.) these were our rule of thumb standards. I do not know if  they were code but common standards. Was 10 years ago or more Control 120 wiring red 16 AWG mtw in the cabinet Control 120 wiring red 14 AWG thhn in the on the machine Analog wiring 18 AWG shielded in the cabinet & on the machine Power wiring Motors etc black 12 AWG thhn in the cabinet & on the machine DC control  wiring blue 16 AWG mtw in the cabinet DC control  wiring blue 16 AWG thhn on the machine in my opinion 22 AWG can be pain in the a** to work with.  It's flimsy & can tend to break when stripping Keep the guys doing the wiring happy (within reason of course) The above is one guys opinion only   
  7. Off Going Fusing

    Use these fused terminals M4/8.SF screw clamp terminal blocks For 5 x 20 and 5 x 25 fuses - 8 mm SNA115657R2500 https://new.abb.com/products/1SNA115657R2500/m4-8-sf-screw-clamp-terminal-blocks-for-5-x-20-and-5-x-25-fuses-grey
  8. Use the  Keyspan USA-19HS  for years with no issues. Hope I did not Jinx anything 
  9. I wrote the CiCode a bunch of years ago.. from what i remember you had to use the read tag function to make a changing prefix work I put the tags in buffers with tag read    did my scaling    then TagWrite for the output. This was done in ciCode not CiCode Object //////////// put DB tags in buffer variables for Manipulation         net_amp_act_1_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_1");     net_amp_act_2_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_2");     net_amp_act_3_buff = TagRead(prefix_buff_const+"_current_3");   ////// write reslults the Data Base     TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_1_cal", current_1_cal_buff);     TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_2_cal", current_2_cal_buff);     TagWrite(prefix_buff_const+"_current_3_cal", current_3_cal_buff);
  10. Digi One IAP Setting Up with 2 DF1 devices for RSLinx 2.41.pdf
  11. Digi One IAP Setting Up For Rockwell Bridging.pdf
  12. some documents for you I set one one us a few years ago to communicate with a SLC500 Digi One IAP A-B Rockwell Automation Peer-to-Peer.pdf
  13. UL 508A Sizing feeder Circuit

    size the wire to the breaker amps  
  14. what am I missing??? how do you stop a  pneumatic cylinder mid-stroke without a mechanical means???
  15. UL508A and Wire Sizing

    no you are not missing something the rules are different for wiring in the control cabinet. When i did machine wiring the minimum wire size was 14 THHN for all control wiring (120 VAC & 24 VDC control). The analog was a different story.   Yes the code book is confusing. they sell a NEC handbook that explains some part with easier to understand text https://catalog.nfpa.org/NEC-Softbound-and-Handbook-Set-P16539.aspx also this is handy for the common stuff Uglys Electrical Reference https://catalog.nfpa.org/Uglys-Electrical-References-2017-Edition-P17360.aspx