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  1. Expressions

    Thanks Ross,    I ended up using yours as it is simpler with the same result.
  2. Expressions

    Yes, this was a last resort.  Being new at this I wanted to conquer my first expression.  Going to test it out now.
  3. Expressions

    It is a DINT  
  4. Expressions

    I seem to have gotten it to work using: If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} < 3  Then 0  Else  If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} >= 3  AND {[Process]LIC_36101A_PIDE.Auto}  Then 1  Else  If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} >= 3  AND {[Process]LIC_36101A_PIDE.Manual}  Then 2 Else END
  5. Expressions

    The HMI can read the tags as I am editing a running system.  It was a simple 2 state Green for open and Grey for not open expression.  The trick is adding the 3rd Yellow for indication that the valve is in manual.  
  6. Expressions

    Yes I have tried a different updated expression and this would be why the 2 did not match. Currently have   If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} < 3  Then 0  Else  If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} >= 3  AND {[Process]LIC_36101A_PIDE.Auto}  Then 1  Else {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} >= 3  AND {[Process]LIC_36101A_PIDE.Manual}  Then  2
  7. Expressions

    Hi forum members!   I am spinning the wheels on trying to get my expression to validate.  I am new to expressions so after trying for a bit I have thrown in the towel and am looking to the experts here to help me out. As you can see with attachment I am trying to change the color of the valve top hat.  I am needing 3 colors: Gray when closed, Green when open and in Auto, and Yellow when open and in Manual. I was asked to not change the PLC logic as this could be done from the SCADA level.. After looking at my application and attempt do you have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?    My Expression:  If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} < 3  Then 0  Else  If {::[Process]Program:Boilers_Main.LV_36101_New} >= 3  AND {[Process]LIC_36101A_PIDE.Auto}  Then 1  Else  Then  If {[Process]LIC_36101A_PIDE.manual}  Then 2
  8. Hi group,   I am trying to return an activation that I believe was left on my VM when I deleated the RS Logix software. I have reinstalled Activation Manager to see if I can return the activation. (The activation list from the server shows my VM as having an activation and expires next year!  Thats why I need to return it so other workers can use it.) In the attached images is the LIC File the license and if so why would it not be seen in Activation Manager?  How do I go about returning this if it is a borrowed license?    
  9. Upload AddOn Fault

    I noticed that the title says 20.13 but in my previous screen shot it is 20.11.  Does this mean that I have 20.03 and am trying to upload a 20.01 version?    
  10. Upload AddOn Fault

    I use to work for the company that developed the program and also have the program from this past summer.  I also verified with them what version is still on the PLC.  I am thinking it is something on my end.
  11. Upload AddOn Fault

    Thanks, I have verified that my version of 20.01 is what is in the PLC as well
  12. Upload AddOn Fault

    This is the message I get when trying to upload.    
  13. Upload AddOn Fault

    Hello gents,   I have an issue were I try to upload the program in the processor.  I have a copy of the program from a few months back however there have been some changes made to the program since then therefore RS5000 prompts me if I want to upload or download.  The program was done in v 20.01 and thats what I have as well. When I select upload everything goes good as fa as connecting and uploading tags but as soon as it start uploading the routines it stops part way through and gives a message that Logix couldnot upload AddOn instruction.  Has anyone seen this andhow did you get around it?
  14. Hi guys, we are converting an HMI project currently in WinCC RT Advanced into WinCC RT Professional. I seem to be struggling with how to convert/upgrade the current program into the professional edition. Does anyone have any experience with this and do you have any pointers?
  15. Position Verification Methods?

    Thanks for the input JRoss. Teaching the encoder on power failure may not be an issue. This is a manually operated device and I could incorperate a re home step every 1000 parts or so? Can you use absolute encoders on a micro1200 or 1400? Also what is SSI?