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  1. How do you access.........

    This is smart!  Thanks for your input.
  2. How do you access.........

    Hello forum.  I am trying to figure out how to hide or show buttons based on access/security level.  I know I can show based on the security level however that is only good for 1 level.  I would like to hide or show based on a range of levels so I don't have to keep duplicating objects. I would like to be able to hide the LOG OUT Button when any level is active and hide the LOG IN button when any level is active. I am not strong at structured text or what HMI parameters I can access???    
  3. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    No worries....I got it working!!
  4. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    I would like to resurrect this topic as I am having troubles getting the time to display on the HMI.  How does this feature work?  Does it need it's own variable? I thought it would use an internal script to display.  I am using an NA5 series HMI. #my head is hurting!
  5. Auto Screen Switch

    I am going to be up front and honest here guy's but I am not good (yet) at Structured Programming.  I want to have a screen that appears on startup only stay for an X amount of time before switching to the main Overview Screen. How do I go about this within the HMI only?  Where can I look for a reference on how to program Structured Text for these HMI's?  
  6. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    Nooooooooo!  Must have sound lol!!!!
  7. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    I was able to figure out how to get the addresses in a CJ PLC linked to an NA series HMI created in Sysmac to work!!!!  Actually it was very easy.  All I had to do was creat symbol names in the CX Programmer and then set them to Publish. After that I could import my Symbols into the Sysmac Developer Environment. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions.
  8. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    Thanks however it's in French.
  9. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    That's how the object shows.  I did add the PLC as an external device.  I did it 3 separate times and this is how it shows in the tree every time.
  10. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    Well that explains why I cannot get any communication going.  Looks like I will be telling my boss that he spec'd the wrong HMI series unless he wants to re program the PLC to an NJ as well!!
  11. sorry, we are under attack. i've been deleting posts and banning spammers left and right, more than 20 just today. it is an onslaught... :-( 

  12. Hi group,  I am starting to develop an HMI application using Sysmac Studio which is very new to me.  I can easily create graphics but my struggle is figuring out how to connect my graphics to the CJ2M CPU35 PLC.  For example I am trying to simply turn my indication to green when 4004.02 in the PLC is "TRUE".  Can someone point me in the right direction as the manual is a bit vague. Here is what I have done so far:  
  13. Up And Down Counter In Omron PLC CP1E

    Sounds like an assignment and not an actual project.
  14. Moving Data Memory

    Shout Out to @Michael Walsh for pointing out my minor programming bug.  Had a bit that was in the wrong state. Always nice to have a second set of eyes when your get blurry from chasing bugs for a couple hours!
  15. Moving Data Memory

    Hey no problem, I will take any help (and give) you have. I actually meant 3800 and not 3000.  words 3800 to 6144 are a free for all from what I can find from the training manual.