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  2. IR Theory

    Your example is extremely helpful but admit I will need to really dwell on this to fully understand.  Thanks so much!
  3. IR Theory

    Thanks.  I will check out the attached.   I have a handle of the SETR instruction.  It's the IR that is really hard to follow as you cannot see any values.  It's really hard to follow and troubleshoot.  It's a 15 year old program that my employer  keeps dumping into their machines before they go out and no one at work has a solid grasp on it either and it keeps getting thrown off to me.
  4. IR Theory

    I am really struggling here to understand how these IR's work.  From the screen shot can someone explain to me what is happening with the IR12?  I am going to take a stab at it but is D111 being moved into IR12 and thenIR12 with and offset of 1 is being moved into ,IR1?  What does the "," represent before the IR12?
  5. The AT is invalid......But Why!!!!!

    Yes I have done this already as this seems to happen for some unknown reason. This one tag I cannot seem to get linked up without an AT error.  I have deleated, re produced, re linked, deleted and restarted software.....etc. etc........  So frustrating!! Is this a common Sysmac issue?
  6. I cannot figure out why I am getting an invalid AT??????  The Symbol is in the Variables list and when I link it to the Global Variable it auto populates, so I know it is there!! What is the issue?  
  7. Omron NX701, Sysmac Studio change array size

    Thanks @IO_Rack for your help however I am still getting errors????? I am making the changes in the PLC section of the project and when I change it to 24 I get an error as seen in the image.  I cannot seem to locate the "Context Menu"????
  8. Omron NX701, Sysmac Studio change array size

    I am aware that this would not be done from the HMI.  I am trying to change it within Sysmac Studio.  I need to reduce it as there are less battery positions on this particular project.
  9. Omron NX701, Sysmac Studio change array size

    Have to dig this up from the grave. I am having troubles editing my array size from 45 to 24.  Whenever I change the number to 24 I get a red box meaning error???? Can't seem to find anything to give me a clue as to what I am doing wrong???
  10. How do you access.........

    This is smart!  Thanks for your input.
  11. How do you access.........

    Hello forum.  I am trying to figure out how to hide or show buttons based on access/security level.  I know I can show based on the security level however that is only good for 1 level.  I would like to hide or show based on a range of levels so I don't have to keep duplicating objects. I would like to be able to hide the LOG OUT Button when any level is active and hide the LOG IN button when any level is active. I am not strong at structured text or what HMI parameters I can access???    
  12. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    No worries....I got it working!!
  13. Sysmac HMI Date Time Button

    I would like to resurrect this topic as I am having troubles getting the time to display on the HMI.  How does this feature work?  Does it need it's own variable? I thought it would use an internal script to display.  I am using an NA5 series HMI. #my head is hurting!
  14. Auto Screen Switch

    I am going to be up front and honest here guy's but I am not good (yet) at Structured Programming.  I want to have a screen that appears on startup only stay for an X amount of time before switching to the main Overview Screen. How do I go about this within the HMI only?  Where can I look for a reference on how to program Structured Text for these HMI's?  
  15. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    Nooooooooo!  Must have sound lol!!!!