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  1. Dear Experts; I have already install a 10 slot chassis in a system. Now for the further process i need to add 5 slot expansion chassis for further I/O modules. I have now 5 slot expansion chassis part number IC693CHS398. But when i configure the hardware by using LM90 software i have not seen the option of expansion chassis. Image are attached. Please guide me how i install or cofigure the expansion chassis ? Regards
  2. String encoder

    I need to replace existing encoder with quadrature output which is failing. We need to have minimum measuring distance of 60 inches. The encoder installed by manufacturer is Temposonics R-series RHS0650UMSO1Q1AC10 The resolution can be lower than the current encoder, probably 500 counts/inch or higher would be OK. Do you have any product that can be used? I was thinking about string encoder but I am open to suggestions.
  3. Count SM410 pulses

    Hello! I need to count the number of pulses SM410. Use instructions Counter_M has no effect. How to count the number of pulses(100 mc)? My soft:GX Works2. My plc is L-series(L02SCPU). In FX series It works well.
  4. Hi I have a scenario where I need to setup communication between a Mitsubishi L-series PLC to Schneider Modicon M580. I need to use the onboard ethernet port of the L-series PLC. The protocol I need to use, is Ethernet IP. (socket communication). Can someone please assist?
  5. project

    hi just browsing for some ideas, I'm not proficient at programming but thought I could learn and have fun at the same time but now im stumped (and just moved house so a little preoccupied) anyway... I made a test rig, 14 leds driven direct from the y outputs with two sensors x1 and x2 the idea being to eventually put them in the stair case so when the beam at the bottom is triggered they will lead up the stairs in sequence and visa versa down wards, now I managed to trip x1 then sequence the leds and reset itself, all using timers, but when it came to going the opposite way easy I thought just reverse the program, but when I did this I got the dreaded double coil and I spent a couple of days on this to no avail, so here I am. open to any suggestions better ways not using timers anything to get me started eventually I thought I could have a selector switch for different patterns, but im getting a head of myself!
  6. Version


    .NET class library for use in Visual Studio.NET to create HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with GE SRTP PLCs and compatible devices via Ethernet. Supports GE/Emerson PACSystems, Series 90, and VersaMax.   For .NET Framework 2.0 - 4.8 projects. Supports PACSystems symbolic variables and CPU rack + slot specification Does not require 3rd party drivers Does not require OPC x86, x64, and Any CPU compatible Visual Studio.NET 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 compatible Most .NET targets are supported, including Web, Win Forms, WPF, console, and service apps Build Windows Forms, console, and ASP.NET applications that run on Linux with Mono framework Extremely high performance - 5~10 mSec typical transaction time Optimizes multiple register configurations into minimal transactions Tag database can be configured via code or visual designer Abstract base classes allow you to write generic code that works with all drivers Synchronous and asynchronous read/write methods Data change notifications Provides common user interface across all driver classes No limit on number of devices or data points Multi-threaded for high data throughput Includes extensive help system Windows, Console, and Web Example applications with VB and C# source code included. Easily connect office systems to factory floor. Free 30 day fully functioning trial version available for download Runtime-free for qualified applications