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  1. I am using P_AIn Analog Input function blogs and displaying the data on HMI using standard FactoryTalk faceplate. I need to change the Engineering Units displayed on the faceplate from the default % to others ("H2O, psi, etc). I know they are specified in Cfg_EU but I can not find this tag in my instruction. Where do I make this change?
  2. Every time my rsview32 project starts up all the alarms which are set up to alarm on 0 tag value show up on the screen even though the bit in the PLC is not in alarm condition. I believe this is because the communication between RSView32 and PLCs is not established yet and the tags are seen as having value of 0 in the HMI. Is there a way to disable or suppress these tags at startup to give enough time for the RSView to update the values so the false alarms are not being displayed?
  3. I need to run 4 exactly same devices with 4 different controllers. The logic for them would be exactly the same but the IPs and controller names would be different. Is there a way to do it using 1 project file? Basically whenever download is done the logic would be downloaded but the controller name/IP would be left unchanged. They will be connected to the same network so the IPs must be different. I am using 1769-L32E for these and all racks are set up exactly the same. Any ideas?
  4. I have L61 with nonvolatile memory installed. The controller will read the program from CF card on power up. The issue is that some variables are lost or not the most up to date values are read from the card since it remembers them as they were last stored on the CF card. So stuff like motor run hours, etc is not up to date. Is there any way I can update these variables or tags on the CF card as they are updated by the process? Or what would be proper way to deal with this issue?
  5. I am working with Component Panel View C600 and MicroLogix 1400. I have to enter few timer preset values. I have created proper entry fields and the values entered into these fields are transferred to the PLC properly. The issue is that when the system is powered up the HMI does not read the values present in the PLC to populate these fields with values from PLC (the values for the timer presets are present in the PLC at power up), the fields are blank till numbers are entered there. I am sure it is some setting in the HMI, just don't know which one. I know that this HMI can be programmed in CCW but I started the project using the explorer in HMI. Is there any way I can continue the development in another software package like CCW, FactoryTalk or something else? When I transfer the file from HMI to my computer with extension .cha I can not open it with any software mentioned above. Just would like to continue developing the HMI without loosing the work that has been already done. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Laptop IP: which falls into the same subnet as the remainder of the devices.
  7. I am working on a project with Micrologix 1400 and PanelView C600 I am not able to communicate over Ethernet with any device and my computer. I was not able to load the HMI screens so I don't know if they are communicating between themselves. The RSLinx does not see any device connected via Ethernet. I am using EtherNet/IP driver for this, not sure if that is right. I have tried connecting directly to each device from PC over ethernet and also connecting to them through switch. I can however ping each device and the packets are coming back. The IP assignments are as follows: Router PLC HMI PC Would anyone have any suggestions what I need to try to get this resolved? I was able to communicate with the MicroLogix via serial port but was not able to communicate with the PanelView through serial port at all. I have tried using the USB-2711-NC13 cable for the PanelView connection. Thank you.
  8. I am working on project which is using Micrologix 1400 and AB Panelview. I am using FactoryTalk View Studio to build the HMI. The PLC needs to know which screen is displayed on HMI so some additional functionality can be activated. How would this be done? I was looking where could I write screen number to N7 location in the PLC or set a bit in B3 area but could not find anything. Thanks for your help.
  9. Rotary input device

    Yes, something like that but hopefully running on 24VDC. I was not planning to add 5VDC power supply to the enclosure.
  10. Rotary input device

    I am looking for some sort of rotary input device which could be used for fine adjustment. Ideally it would have to two output pins, if turned clockwise it would send pulses on one of the pins and when turned counterclockwise it would sent pulses on the other pin. These could be connected to two inputs on PLC and a value in a given variable could be incremented and decremented depending on the direction of rotation. Almost like using potentiometer with analog signal. I guess if I can not find anything I could use incremental encoder and look at the phase of the output to decide which way it is being turned but hopefully simpler and maybe more cost effective solution is out there? Thanks.
  11. Bob, Thanks for your reply, I should have noticed myself that these should be converted to Decimal. Glad you pointed that out. So now I did look into one of the slaves and inblock and outblock areas show start 0 and length 0. So where these values are stored in the slaves? Is it possible they are transferred into the same memory locations as used in master? I am attaching screen shot of the slave DeviceNet configuration.
  12. CJ1W-TC001 PID question

    What is Omron naming convention for PID settings? I need to adjust the upper MV limits for PID running on CJ1W-TC001 installed on CJ1M-CPU13. Looking at the CJ1W-TC001 Operation Manual I am not really sure which values would these be. I guess Omron naming nomenclature is a bit different than what I am used to. It seems that the Manipulated Value Monitor is just feedback, which value would I need to set or modify to adjust the upper MV limit?
  13. So I did find the DeviceNet allocation tables in the program in question and went through Omron manuals but still do not exactly understand how these are used. For example it says that out block area starts at 7404 and has 38 bytes, the in area starts at 73A0 and has also 38 bytes. But the symbols section does not contain any addresses in these memory locations, or am I looking at the wrong area? What they would be transmitting if these memory locations are not used? I did search the program for the memory locations specified in the DeviceNet settings but could not find any. I am attaching the screen image showing the DeviceNet setup and symbols table behind, can anyone help?
  14. The problem is that I don't see any instructions for explicit messaging. Just wonder where would the io table be with DeviceNet addressing on Omron?
  15. Hello everyone, I need to modify furnace ladder diagram to take control of the upper PID limit. The temperature on the furnace is controlled using PID. There is master PLC CJ1GCPU45SP which communicates several slaves CJ1MCPU13. It looks that all the PID parameters are send from the master to slaves over DeviceNet using seven DRM21 modules installed on extension rack. I can see where the values for the PID are entered on the HMI and moved to new location in the master but I don't understand why they are not placed in memory locations used by DeviceNet by default as per DRM-21 manual ( which if I understand correctly are D30000 to D31599). Is it because the DRM21 are mounted on extension rack? I will list all the upper limit locations in master, it is a long list but hopefully will help in resolving this issue: HMI entry location Moved to location in the ladder D16401 __________________ D32023 D16403 __________________ D32047 D16405 __________________ D32071 D16407 __________________ D32095 D16409 __________________ D32323 D16411 __________________ D32347 D16413 __________________ D32371 D16415 __________________ D32395 D16417 __________________ D32623 D16419 __________________ D32647 D16421 __________________ D32671 D16423 __________________ D32695 D16425 __________________ D29923 D16427 __________________ D29947 D16428 __________________ D31723 D16429 __________________ D31756 D16430 __________________ D31757 D16431 __________________ D31758 After they are moved to the D3xxxx location they are not used anymore anywhere in the master PLC so I am assuming they are transmitted over to be used in slaves. Is my reasoning correct? How can I calculate address space used by each DRM-21 card to make sure I am understanding what is transferred where? Thank you.