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  1. Step 1 – download the latest version GT Designer 3 from the Mitsubishi website. I use the version 1.145 B Step 2 - Settings for GT Designer 3 Controller Type Melsec iQ-F Driver: Q17nNC, CrnD-700,Gateway And other settings like the screenshot: Step 3 – the settings of GX Works3: In this project a PLC and HMI I've connected through the switch, if you use a router, then you need to add the ip address in settings. When using the router fill project occurs without a cable.
  2. Hi Altan! Thanks for the reply! I will look definitely!
  3. Where your files? I Dont see its....
  4. Hardware & software HMI -  / GT Designer 3 ver. 1.113 T PLC - Mitsubishi FX5 32 MT / GX Works3 ver. 1.019V Error HMI shows "Comm error". i.e., The HMI isn't getting a response from the PLC. IP addresses are all correct and ping (and can be programmed) OK.  These settings are correct? Many thanks.
  5. After these settings it worked. The numbers of inputs and outputs are the same. The only reaction panel on clicking kind of delayed.
  6. Good evening all! I attach screenshots of the problem LH42C4NT1P has 32 input and 32 output. I can get to work or to enter or exit. Together they refuse to work. I changed the numbering of outputs and inputs, but it didn't help. The numbering matches since then and x110 y110, or the numbering is different for 32 and then x110 y130. In any case, the output is silent and the PLC does not see them. I use GX Works2 version 1.501 Also have problem with battery. Although it is normal for the voltage. Replacement with another known-working did not help. Asking for your help.
  7. Count SM410 pulses

    I decided to use the most simple solution, in order not to complicate. This design will work in all programming environments and controllers Mitsubishi, and no puzzling decisions about care at the time of scan, etc.. All just. Use timers.
  8. Count SM410 pulses

    Thank you! I'll study it! Happy New Year to everyone.
  9. Count SM410 pulses

    >>>>>>>>>>>>What is your PLC scan time ? Current, max, min -200 ms Initial - 0ms >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Are you running the program as a fixed interval or normal scan? All settings are default, I don't know where to see it. Its a screenshot from the PLC in monitor mode.SM410 work. But the pulses are not counted. Or rather, was registered 1 pulse.How to make these pulses was considered I don't understand. Why in FX it works immediately....
  10. Count SM410 pulses

    Sorry, I don't quite understand Your sentence. I understand that these settings are there? >>>If your normal scan is larger than 100mS you should count in aan interrupt program.
  11. Count SM410 pulses

    Yes, you are right! SM410 does not pulsate. But where to turn I don't understand. Can there be?
  12. Count SM410 pulses

    Hello! I need to count the number of pulses SM410. Use instructions Counter_M has no effect. How to count the number of pulses(100 mc)? My soft:GX Works2. My plc is L-series(L02SCPU). In FX series It works well.