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  1. OK, I got the unlock from someone on who guessed it. All good now.
  2. TWControls, I'm not trying to hack a machine. I am commissioning one and set the Lock  password. Thought the same would work for unlock unfortunately it didn't. This is the first time I'm working with AB safety and so need some help.  Here is a question, if you copy an old program, modify it for another processor/cell, would the unlock password stay as the old program? Again guys, I'm not trying to hack or create trouble, its a genuine question and I need some guidance.      
  3. Hello All, I have a guardlogix processor that I just safety locked with a known password. When I tried to unlock, that password didn't work. Upon reading a bit I realized that the lock and unlock passwords are separate. I never set the unlock password but blank doesn't work. Could it be a leftover due to program copy paste or is there a way to find/reset this unlock password.    
  4. I agree with Davkul. Disable all the network adapters other then one used for Bootp. 
  5. G5 Series Servo Overload

    Update: So I removed th motor from assembly, it was free to move. Still same overload error!! Removed both power and resolver cables, pins were okay too. Put it back (electrician), tightened it. Wallah.... Probably a loose connection on power cord? I noticed one screw out of 4 missing on power connector.
  6. G5 Series Servo Overload

    Hello, I am using R88D-KN08H-ML2 servo drive with R88M-K75030T-S motor. PLC is CJ2M-CPU35, with NCF71 position control unit. There are total of 6 axis and the one in question with above combination is giving me trouble, rest 5 work OK. I get Overload trip error even at 200% of torque. The motor doesn't move at all. After disconnecting motor power cable, it is possible to move the assembly by hand so nothing sems to be jammed or binding. Tried Auto-Tune, ended with successful completion (at least no errors etc). But scenario didn't change. Motor doesn't have brake, as per model number as well as physically no brake cable on motor. Since all other axes are moving, with similar setting, not sure what is going on here! Any parameters I can change? Any other way to check?
  7. Ethernet Communication fault bits

    OK Gentlemen, I had another chance to connect the same PLC with a different device on Ethernet IP. And it works! The node address this time is 15 and I see that last bit on 1516 and 1520 is ON. Thank you so much. PS : Does the PLC have to be node 0 (curretly it is)? What is the significance of that question?
  8. Ethernet Communication fault bits

    Thanks for the reply Sergey and Pdl. Sorry, Couldn't check the messages for past few days. And now I don't have temp setup However, I would like to understand following. Since this is the first time I'm doing Ethernet IP on Omron, I would reapply appreciate if you can throw some light on few basic question. -1516-1523 should indicate registered nodes. If zeros, these nodes are not registered for communication in the unit. > I saw all zeros. How do I register a node? I thought it is done by network configuration download to PLC. What else needs to be done? -Is the unit the connection originator? Is the unit #0? > I am not sure if I understand the question correctly. The PLC is set as originator & "Exclusive Owner". I thought the node address is unit # which for CPU is 10 and RFID is 59 (i.e. and Where can I see/set the unit#? -Was it restarted after the last download? > No, I didn't. is this expected after every network configuration download? -Is the mentioned node address 59 decimal or hex? If hex, it is out of the 4-word range. > I think it is decimal. This is set by clicking on device in network configuration and pressing "Change Nore address". This give a pop-up where IP address is set, i.e.!
  9. Ethernet Communication fault bits

    Anyone idea?
  10. Ethernet Communication fault bits

    So, finally I have a temp setup on my desk with CJ2H CPU64-EIP ( connected with an IFM RFID reader DTE102 ( on EthernetIP. I have done the network configuration and I see that the communication is working. The LED's are flickering with right colors and I do see some bits back and forth. I used the logic mentioned above, but don't really see any change in any registers 1516-1523. All bits remain 0. I actually changed the node address to 59(from 79) so thatit falls within 0-63 node area but nada.. Some general fauls are visible in CIO 1510-1512 bytes, but I am interested in node specific error. Any further suggestion?
  11. Ethernet Communication fault bits

    Oh, One more thing, this is for node address 0-63, which is the last octate of the IP address. For 64-255 node addresses, allocated CIO area has to be set to user settings. See section 4-4 of W465 for more details.
  12. Ethernet Communication fault bits

    Thank you Propeller head! I was confused with the terminology in W465 like Unit status, Communication Status, Connection status etc. which are also part of 25 word block assigned to internal EIP port. I wanted to add some screenshots from W465 explaining the bit status in Omron Lingo but it does not allow me to add screenshots. Anyway, the code is pretty straight forward. The exclusive OR makes sure that when the node is registered and connetion status is low, the O/P bit turns on.
  13. Hello everybody, I have CJ2M-CPU35 connected to couple of devices over ethernet IP. I would like to know which bits in CIO area (25 words for built-in E.Net port starting at 1500) gives me the status of Individual nodes (i.e. connected or not connected) Tried to go through W465 but there is a lot of information and I'm getting confused with built-in port, additional IP units, Fins TCP, Fins UDP etc.
  14. CJ2M-CPU35 Internal I/O area

    Michael, Thanks for quick reply. I did see this recommendation in software manual as well. Is there a reason though? My question on this forum actually is to understand if there is any technical reason! Total for In and out words from 16 axes is 16 x 25 x 2 = 800, the W area can only give 522! CIO area also gives some flexibility like stating Out at x000 and IN at X500 etc. which can remain unchanged for any number of axes. W on the other hand can be used for HMI and some other specific program use. Any thoughts?
  15. CJ2M-CPU35 Internal I/O area

    Hello everybody! I have a question about the CIO are usage. The software manual W473 says thsi area CIO 3800 to CIO 6143 can be used in program (only). So I think I can use any of these bits/words in the program. However, I am trying to standardise some area for Axis Input and outputs for mutpliple stations and even for future projects. Hence the question to the masters, is there any restriction in using this area freely in the program?