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  1. Excel Add-in for GE-IP PLC Data Logging

    ASComm Excel Add-in is a simple to use, non-programmatic way to populate Excel 2007 - 2016 spreadsheets with data from PLCs, instrumentation, and other process hardware.
    ASComm Excel Add-in uses built-in drivers for GE-IP PACSystems (RXi, RX3i, RX7i), Series 90 (90-30), and VersaMax communications. No OPC, DDE, external drivers, or programming required.



  2. GE SRTP Ethernet ActiveX Control

    Use Visual Studio.NET Visual Basic C# C++ Excel MS Office and other packages to create runtime-free HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with GE SRTP devices via Ethernet.

    Powerful VB example apps and source code included.
    Control supports all GE memory types
    Register: %R %AI %AQ
    Discrete: %I %Q %T %M %SA %SB %SC %S %G
    Extremely high performance: 10~15 mSec typical transactions time
    Context-sensitive help system
    Does not require any other 3rd party drivers.
    30 day fully functioning trial version.



  3. GE SRTP Ethernet Driver for .NET

    .NET Component for use in Visual Studio.NET to create HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with GE SRTP devices via Ethernet.
    Supports PACSystems, Series 90, and VersaMax.
    Supports PACSystems symbolic variables and CPU rack + slot specification Does not require 3rd party drivers Does not require OPC x86, x64, and Any CPU compatible Visual Studio.NET 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 compatible Most .NET targets are supported, including Web, Win Forms, WPF, console, and service apps Build Windows Forms, console, and ASP.NET applications that run on Linux with Mono framework Extremely high performance - 5~10 mSec typical transaction time Optimizes multiple register configurations into minimal transactions Tag database can be configured via code or visual designer Abstract base classes allow you to write generic code that works with all drivers Synchronous and asynchronous read/write methods Data change notifications Provides common user interface across all driver classes No limit on number of devices or data points Multi-threaded for high data throughput Includes extensive help system Windows, Console, and Web Example applications with VB and C# source code included. Easily connect office systems to factory floor. Free 30 day fully functioning trial version available for download Runtime-free for qualified applications  




    GE Fanuc LM90 Special to assist LM90 to play nice with Windows 2K.



  5. GE Fanuc Process Simulations

    Updated 6 December 2004. Per requests I have added ladder logic to go along with the simulation. It's in a separate pdf file so if you want to try writing your own code just ignore it.
    This is a simulation of a tank fill/drain system. The s



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