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  1. Maps alarm management

    Hi SolidRio Can you perhaps try to use the SQL administrator user and it's password? Currently you are using the Windows integrated security.
  2. Maps alarm management

    Hi SolidRio When you specify your connection string in the Alarm Management agent, which data link provider did you use?
  3. Maps alarm management

    Hi SolidRio, another way you can try is to expose the CurrentIncidents table in MAPS and show that on the screen. There you can have a faster refresh rate (10 seconds). You can also pick which columns you want to show on the form.  
  4. Maps alarm management

    Hi SolidRio You did add the AM agent to your defaultAlarmAgent output setting? If it is not there, then it will not send the alarms to SQL. 
  5. FX3U-ENET connections

    Hi SolidRio. With MAPS you can make a direct connection to the PLC.  In your ENET Configurator you need to specify Initial Timing as Always wait for Open, IP address is the module IP address, Send frame setting is Ethernet, Enable Online Change and TCP Existence is Use the KeepAlive.  Then in Open Settings you need to open/add up a (Protocol) TCP, (Open System) Unpassive, (Fixed Buffer) Send, (Fixed Buffer Communication) Procedure Exist, (Pairing Open) Disable, (Existence Confirmation) Confirm and (Host Station Port No) the port number you need.  In the MAPS side you just need to specify the module IP address and the port number.  For the Citect side, I am not sure. Sorry. 
  6. Maps alarm management

    Hi SolidRio The alarms by default is actually not lost. All of the alarms by default is also logged to Windows Eventlog. So you can also drop the Eventviewer control down on the graphic form and run it. This shows you all of the events that happened on the system. From Alarms to Operator Actions you specified to be logged. I think this might be a better suite for you if you want to achieve the less than 1 minute update.  The AdroitHistoricalAlarmViewer is more like a reporting tool for your alarms. Not so much suited for real time Alarm viewing. Just to give you the background. MAPS has to query each time the SQL database to retrieve the Historical Alarms. This is basically just a SQL query that gets run every minute through MAPS server. This will slow down the system after a while.  So if you want to view real time historical alarm history, I would suggest the EventViewer, but for a more reporting function I suggest you use the Historical Alarm Viewer.         
  7. SCADA for FX3U

    Hi SolidRio The MAPS  SCADA is a very nice integrated solution with all the Mitsubishi PLCs. Direct address reading, only licence on the amount of I/O you are communicating between PLC and SCADA. Very simple design interface. As mentioned earlier, you can run the full package on a time license function. Once the time license expires, you simply save the configuration, stop the server and start the server up again. You can carry on with the work. I do alot of fault finding this way. 
  8. Gxworks installtion error

    Make sure you have the latest GX Works install. There were some issues with earlier installs. 
  9. CC-Link IE Field Basic (FX5U + A800-E)

    Hi Neverov Can you control from the controller (PU). Make sure that parameter 79 setting is in PU mode. The reason for this is because the Mitsubishi drive sees it as a on-board controller. Now, next thing to check, is parameter 550 and 551. Keep 550 as default, but change 551 to 5. Check the manual why. You should now be able to control from the PLC. 

    That seems to be a OEM machine. With this, the manufactures normally put a password on it to protect their program knowledge. In this case, the easied way is to get in contact with the manufactures which should be able to assist, else the only way to get the password protection off, is to reload the OS, but the problem there is that you will loose your HMI project and if you don't have a backup, I would not recommend that you do that. - Disconnecting the HMI from the PLC is also not going to make a difference with resetting the HMI password as that is stored in the HMI unit and not PLC. So the only real choice is to get hold of the manufacture.   
  11. GOT HMIs Windows Based?

    LOL. Yes, understandable. IT and their policies. Every automation engineer's worst nightmare. 
  12. GOT HMIs Windows Based?

    Actually not sure if they are available in USA? I know Mitsubishi Europe have them. 
  13. FX3U to FX3U via wifi

    Hi Wayne Well, first off unlike the FX3U where you require a card to do fixed buffer memory (FX3U-ENET) with the FX5U with the build-in Ethernet port, you can do fixed buffer memory directly on the PLC block. So the change of errors is nearly none and if you look at what you are getting with the FX5U (16 in and out, 2 Analog in, 1 out, build-in Ethernet and serial comms), it is actually better than the FX3U where you still require an additional FX3U-ENET unit. PS - Adroit Technologies are currently running a promotion on FX5U. Not sure if you know about it, but maybe give them a call.  Moenie skaam wees nie. Sal so ver moontlik probeer help.      
  14. GOT HMIs Windows Based?

    The Mitsubishi Windows based HMI is the APPC range. Have a look at APPC 1245T, 1540T, 1740T and then the IPPC 1560T, 1960T and 2160P. Hope this helps  
  15. OEE Measurements

    Hi Guys I have used this software a few times and as Gambit say, it has a build-in object model and according to what type of functionality you want (example cc-link drive faceplate) can be create from a first principal view or view bulk configuration in excel. This will then build all the graphics for you, set up alarming and logging and scanning to the PLC. It will also create the function blocks for each of the device, example I have 5 cc-link drives, it will create for each one a function block. All you need to do is to configure it control and interlocking in the PLC. PLC programing can be done either in GX Works 2 or GX Developer. I have a client that are using the OEE function in such a way that they can calculate what their cost per product is in energy and how efficient they are running their production lines. Then they are using the Alarm Management to help with preventative maintenance. Nice little setup they have with the software. Feel free to ask any questions if you do have.