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  1. Yes Theo, in fact that was very helpful. I am very familiar with the dual fed output cards used by A-B and Modicon both. I've also struggled with the update conversion blues a time or two, mostly easy fixes. I also loved the Beijer line of HMI's but was unaware they still made them. I had E615's, a few 1000's and loved how easy they were to use. Unfortunately my existing HMI's are GOT 70's, with no ethernet, basically too old to be of much use anyway. I have the software in-house already for the newer GOT's so that makes sense to stick with those; unless someone has a good reason to purchase another brand?? Uticor/Proface/Beijer/ect... I browsed the Q series hardware pages, it looks like good stuff. In fact I'm not sure why Mitsubishi carries so many different lines of PLC's.
  2. In my last plant, we used 100% Rockwell Allen Bradley PLC's. I was very familiar with replacing a SLC series with a 5000 series, a no brainer. Now I work in a foundry with 100% Mitsubishi A-series PLC's with a weird gateway coaxial loop communications that is way beyond it's service life. There is little no no support, and I have been tasked with updating it to something Ethernet based, and reliable. I would like to stick with Mitsubishi, for no other reason than to convert the code from the A series to the new series using my existing GX developer software. This is a running factory, no time to demo the old controls and spend weeks re-inventing the wheel with new Rockwell/Seimans/ect PLC's; plus I already have the software Despite a rather long learning curve, I've been getting comfortable using it. My question is: If you had to choose today what series to convert an entire plant, which would you go with, and why? Please keep in mind this is a foundry, its hot, dirty and nothing really needs to be high speed, or math intensive. I would like something easy to install, easy to expand, easy to use Mitsubishi HMI's and something the electricians can wire and repair (prefer screw terminals not spring terminals).