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  1. Hi there. I'm working with a plc program (RsLogic500) at work but it doesn't have tags. For some reason I'm thinking that the developer of the program hide them, you know, in order to complicate us the things lol. I'm I right? If so, how can I find them? Thanks in advance  
  2. Masked moved instruction

    @chelton That was a very good observation, thank you. @ElectronGuru  No problem, I really appreciate your time and patience. I can perfectly understand the example. Thanks you.
  3. Masked moved instruction

    Thanks for replying guys I appreciate it. Yeah that's what I understood about this instruction. Basically is a filter of bits. @ElectronGuru You are saying that I can use this instruction to filter out unwanted decimal places in analog data. Can you explain this example with baby steps. Like where are you getting the data from, where you are sending it, for what purpose, why did you decide to do that? etc. I don't want to sound annoying but I'd like to fully understand this instruction. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, I'm studying the Masked MVM instruction. Now I know what it does but can anyone tell me an example of an application in real life. I mean where would I use it? If I'm integrating something and I have to use that instruction, what would it be? Thanks in advance.
  5. Oh yeah Joe you're right, I also meant to ask what was the name of that subject, thank you so much.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been studying some plc programs at work and I have a question. Why an output would be addressed as O:[N48:1].0/[N47:1]?. Also, when I force that output the state of O:0/8 in the data file goes from 0  to 1. How's this linked?. There are other Outputs with the same configuration.  
  7. PanelView C600

    I found out what I was doing wrong. I was using the START as address instead of using B3 0/0. I hope this helps someone.
  8. Hi guys, I'm doing a little practice with a Micrologix 1400 and a HMI PanelView C600. The program is so simple. Turn on the output O 0:0 through the input B3 0:0 (START) and turn it off with B3 0:1 (STOP). I'm trying to link these inputs to the button Start and Stop created in the HMI. When I validate the communication I don't get any errors but when I try to validate the tags I get this error:  Tag StartPb with address START has either an unknown address, unacceptable data or undefined controller name.  Tag StopPb with address STOP has either an unknown address, unacceptable data or undefined controller name. Thanks in advance  
  9. You were right. In the output of the Drive i have the cables  U, V and W. I have the same voltage between U - V and U - W but between V - W the voltage is lower.  Those cables go to the motor. I assume the problem is the drive since it was working fine. So, what should i do now?              v
  10. The thing is that it was working and suddenly that issue came up. 
  11. Hello guy, I'm having an issue with a drive, when I connect any motor to that drive the motor shakes when it's trying to work. The same motors connected to another drive (same exact drive) works totally fine. What can be? 
  12. Allen Bradly communication

    How did it go? Were you able to do it?
  13. Thank you so much for sharing the information of AOP and EDS files. I was surprised too and honestly confused me a little bit. I wonder how the integrator did that also.
  14. Ken, never mind. Now I see what you are saying. I apologize. Thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it  
  15. Hi Guys thanks for your helpful responses, Ken, Thanks for the feedback. What exactly do you mean with taking care with the forum threads, I would like to clarify this for my future posts. Joe, I saw exactly what you said about the AOP and EDS files. Now my question is if those files are to updating the actual card? What would be the process to do it? On the other hand, I ended up changing the revision to 2.1 in RSLogix 5000 and that worked. The warning symbol went away and everything is working.