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  1. S7 300 software redundancy problem

    One thing to confirm - look at the parameters of FC100 (SWR_START) and make sure your DO addresses fall in between the PIO_FIRST and PIO_LAST parameters.
  2. WinCC - older version or not fully installed?

    You could download the trial for SP3: It's further down from the SP5 download link, called: "WinCC flexible 2008 SP3 Compact/Standard/Advanced Trial"
  3. Software advice MELSEC

    It's more important to tell us which Mitsubishi CPU model you have to determine the software compatible with it.
  4. WinCC - older version or not fully installed?

    Sounds like you need WinCC flexible development installed, not just runtime.  Your project must have a WinCC flexible object that requires development installed. From the link below, download "WinCC flexible 2008 SP5 Compact/Standard/Advanced Trial":

    What is the output address?  (Ex: 0.00, 10.03, 100.11) What is the part number of your module with the output, which slot is it in, and which I/O screw terminal is it?  Did you check the I/O configuration for the actual address of the module?
  6. TP Designer

    Try getting it here: You'll have to use Google Translate to see the Chinese language in English on the web page.
  7. S7 300

    To append to what @Joe E. said... Depending on your system complexity and which HMI is connected to your S7-300, an upgrade to S7-1500 might be an alternative.  However, the S7-1500 does not have nor will ever have an MPI port - this communication should change to Ethernet. The cleanest solution is to add an Ethernet module to the S7-300. If the S7-300 and S7-1200 do not have to exchange data with each other, you can use a 6GK7343-1CX10-0XE0 module (CP 343-1 Lean - cheaper module) If the S7-300 has to initiate Ethernet communications to exchange data directly with the S7-1200: 6GK7343-1EX30-0XE0 (CP 343-1 module - more expensive) You can also use the CP-343-1 Lean module for data exchange only if the S7-1200 initiates the Ethernet communication to the S7-300.
  8. TP 700 WT

    I don't know about whether being a partner or not will help, but you will have to contact them anyway because it's not only the operating system you need, you'll need the HMI project as well.
  9. TP 700 WT

    Is this the thing you have?  If so, you'll probably end up having to contact Evoqua. Defender® RMF System Controller - Simatic S7-1200 1212C CPU + TP700 HMI
  10. TP 700 WT

    Your best course of action is to contact Siemens technical support: +44 16-144-65545
  11. TP 700 WT

    What is the part# of your HMI?  It looks like an OEM brand-labelled TP700, and may have a special firmware that is not available in TIA Portal.
  12. Open .RSP file

    Email me at:
  13. Simatic TP 1200 Comfort

    The only information I can share is the link I already posted.  I sent a private message just asking him if he wanted me to help remotely.
  14. Where can I get a Cutler Hammer D100 cable/lead

    So far I've found a diagram to build your own:
  15. PLC program using siemens

    Hi Igor, I sent you a PM.