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  1. Micrologix 1400 Timer Issue

    So the issue I just found is the compare statement. I had nothing to MOV 0 into that destination. So even though I'm not seeing the DN bit turn on, the statement is just restarting the timer because of it. I moved the DN bit to trigger a MOV instruction of 0 into N7:30 and it worked correctly. I guess I needed to see someone explain what I knew differently. Thanks for the link Joe!
  2. I'll preface this with, I'm an Omron guy, that was what I was trained on. Took a new job with new challenges with AB. I've been able to navigate them so far but this has got me stumped. I'm currently programming a RFID badge reader to my trainer setup for the later introduction to the plant. My issue is with something that seems to simple to be a problem. A timer. My issue is the timer is started and counts up to the target number and then just resets to 0. Never triggers the DN bit. I'm sure this will be something stupid but I'm at a loss here. I'll attach the program via link.   Thanks, Don
  3. First off, I've been a lurker of Mr.PLC for years so I decided to finally dive in to an actual account recently. My background in PLC programming was strictly Omron for pretty much the last 10 years. CS and CJ have been my jam. Well I accepted a new position at another company and they are all AB. I've been slowing teaching myself the differences but I'm at an impasse on switching screen logic. With Omron, I always used an input or trigger to a mov instruction that moved a source number(screen number) to data memory area and it would switch screens when that rung was true. Can I use the same principle with AB to do the same or am I just missing something here.     Thanks, Donald 
  4. ''INVISIBLE'' buttons in PROFACE

    Had a similar issue connecting from an AB mircologix 1400 to gp4301. If my PLC logic was not completed, then the HMI lamps and such would not show up.