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  1. Hi Joe, A huge thank you good sir, problem has been resolved!! So the first thing I did was try removing the EDS files, re-downloading and re-installing them as you suggested. This didn't have any effect and i was still unable to see the anything beyond the ENBT module. I tried the next step you suggested and went to the link  I followed all the instructions on this and it worked without a hitch, I'm now able to explore the backplane and see all modules on the rack   I was smashing my head on my keyboard for the last 2 days, I cant thank you enough Joe!  
  2. OK,  So I've tried power cycling the rack and still no luck. Any other ideas would be welcomed!
  3. thanks Joe, I will give that a try.
  4. Hi Joe, Yes I've tried this as well. When I do this from RSLinx I get the message "A newer version of the device is already registered on your system". I have rebooted my laptop, however I have not tried to power cycle the rack, though I'm not certain this would accomplish anything. 
  5. Hi Michael,   Sorry, Yes i also used the EDS installation tool and installed them.
  6. Hi guys, We recently had the hard drive fail on our PLC laptop. Once out IT guy loaded all of our data on the new HDD I went to work re hosting our activations and enabling them on the new HDD. An issue has come up where on one particular device, I am unable to see the 1756-A17/B backplane beyond the 1756-ENBT module in RSLinx calssic gateway. After i configure the driver, I am able to see that there is a 1756-ENBT module, and it even has the (+) to drop down the hierarchy, but the backplane never shows. Strange thing is, I have another machine on a 1756-EN2T module and i can explore the backplane with no issues at all. We had no connectivity issues before the hard drive crashed. I have everything else communicating. I've scoured the forums and knowledge base and have tried everything that has been mentioned to fix this: downloaded all the EDS I could find pertaining to said cards/modules/backplane deleted the harmony files   Like I said, I can "see" there is a ENBT module, it knows what kind of module it is, there is no yellow question mark or red "x" just for whatever reason when i hit the drop down button the backplane isnt being found.   A push in the right direction would be muchly appreciated.