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  1. CXSupervisor, CJ2M performance issues.

    Hi, Best ignore the theoretical bandwidth of USB-2 (who said it was 2 anyway?). Certainly I remember many early Omron USB ports were just using USB to Serial chipset running at 114Kb. You still see this with the CP1W-CIF41 Ethernet plug-in - still connected to a serial port ! Next thing is that theoretical bandwidth assumes you can process and pump out the messages quickly. For ALL PLCs this is a secondary task so latency means you never get near that.  Yes, with Ethernet you will easily achieve good performance. Appendix B shows you can expect over 1500 reads a second over Ethernet.  I realise time and cost are your factors here so your choice, but I would just knuckle down and reorganise the program memory and then recreate the CXS points and will still achieve this.  Like I said already once this week, FINS memory management is tedious to thanks for EIP tag addressing these days! Rgds BB
  2. CX-Supervisor - NX1P2 communication

    Then again, if you’re connecting to NX then better to create as ‘SYSMAC Device” and use SYSMAC Gateway for communications. Reading by Tag name means you don’t even need to modify or rebuild CX-Supervisor when you change variable locations, plus you don’t have to manually manage the FINS addresses to make sure they don’t overlap !! (Big bugbear!) Rgds, BB
  3. Cx-supervisor

    Hi,   Not much diagnostic information here. What version are you running? I suggest you register and upgrade to the latest available.    Have a look in the CX-Supervisor Error Log for any clues. Perhaps the values are zero just because the device is disconnected? Regards BB
  4. CX-Supervisor v 3.2 Educational bitwise problem

    Hi Geir,   This optimisation is particularly advised for serial connections, and FINS connection, but not so critical in Ethernet and EIP protocol.    Anyway there is no such limitations with the Educational version so this is not the reason.  Testword & 0x30 should work fine e.g. when the value = 48 Have you used Point Maintenance to check its value when it is not working? This should be the normal solution  Regards BB
  5. Hi All, Just to update, from V3.5 Release Notes: So should be all fixed now. Regards, BB
  6. rounding a value to nearest 10

    Hi, Here's a suggestion for the logic to use  Add 5 (half of 10) to make the result to round up or round down Divide by 10 Convert to INT type to truncate. Multiply by 10 So 32 would become (INT((32+5)/10)) * 10 = 30 or 37 would become 40. Sorted? Regards, BB    
  7. How do I display UNIT_BCD value from Omron PLC to Indusoft Scada

    Ha ha.  Yes problem of mixing software providers that don't understand proprietary data types. Your 3 options: 1) Use CX-Supervisor (or other Omron software like CX-Server OPC or CX-Server Lite) to correctly read the BCD format 2) Edit the PLC program, and convert all PLC variables to standard Integers 3) If its possible... Read as hex and then write conversion routines in Indusoft script that run every time a new value is read (yuck!) BB
  8. Licensed runtime and 2 hours demo - screen refresh

    Hi Milosh, If you're using V3.4 then upgrade to v3.5 as Readme lists bug fixes with animations and hanging. If you're running v3.5 and this sounds like a bug then worth raising with Omron direct on myOMRON. They are still actively fixing these things. Regards BB
  9. CX-Supervisor runtime startup question

    Hi, Yes (depending on PLC type).  If I remember then RUN on the old C series meant the program ran, but refused read and write communications requests - pretty critical for a SCADA app!  (in fact didn't the CS have it on physical font panel 'key' operation?). Anyway that's why CX-Supervisor assumes you really want this changed to Monitor mode.  You can use CX-Programmer to change the default PLC startup mode. This is the background but maybe for newer PLCs this behaviour has evolved Regards, BB
  10. Point import problem

    Hi Milosh, This used to work but is new and I got the same here.  Am told it is a bug and will be fixed in 3.51 version BB
  11. "Easy" way to change screen resolution

    Funny, I never found any problem with resize feature, and use it extensively exactly for this reason. If you set the "Screen Size" to the expected Runtime size, then the runtime appears best (sharper/less scaling blur). Also as Runtime IPCs are usually lower res, it means in development most of the screen still fits on the (larger) dev monitor which is handy. But you could still set the "Screen Size" to dev resolution - either way when maximised that entered size will be scaled to the actual screen size. Milos: I'd love to comment if you have any screen shots on the settings and effect? If you can get it working it could save you ages editing many pages !! BB
  12. CX Supervisor with SQL Server

    Hi, I agree, SQL Server Find should be quick with say less than 2 million records, and for a large database solution always work having a professional data expert design the tables and keys. Just to add CX-Supervisor DOES allow direct SQL text to be used if required. To do this programmatically look at the DBExecute with command parameter "SQL" (example in the installed Database Demo). Regards, BB
  13. Logging To A database

    Hi, In addition to the previous suggestion if you're using scripting to call DBGetLastError, then also suggest looking in the Error Log.  Assuming this is a local database then check the file path to your database on the new PC is correct (and/or DSN file contents). Do you have the Developer installed on this PC and can you "Connect" to the database from the developer? Best Regards, BB
  14. Datalogging

    Hi, Not sure which one you mean: Data Logging? Database writing? Logging to Database? Audit trail to database? But for general MS-Access usage, any version can be used.  The only real factor is whether you are using old  .mdb format or new .accdb format but both are supported. If you're calling script commands I recommend checking their return value, and on failure calling DBGetLastError.   Best Regards, BB
  15. CX-Supervisor PC crashing with alarms

    Hi, Did you upgrade CX-Supervisor since 2 years ago? What version are you running now? What does "stays out of memory" mean? If you mean the RAM usage is increasing until available ram is full the sounds like you have a memory leak. Normally you only have 500 alarms logged (configurable) so intentionally should not keep allocating more memory.  Regards BB