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  1. Display Decimal values NB Screen

    Many Thanks Michael I was on the right track but I now have a reading on NB screen in decimal. Not sure about the scaling on the NB though? The explanation is typical Omron. Basically I want to display a positional move in my so my position input is 320 mm but the screen reads 32000. The servo does move 320 mm but not sure how to scale the reading so that I could be more accurate. Eg 320.5 mm.
  2. hello, I am using a CJ2M in conjunction with a NB 7W HMI Screen in order to set servo positioning and velocity etc. I am struggling to replicate the positioning data in decimal from the PLC to the screen. The function Number Display will show Hex value but not decimal. The operators need to set a stroke value on the screen. I can do this with an NS Screen but am struggling with NB. Any help apprechiated.   Peter
  3. Logging To A database

    Hi Berti, As is the way with Supervisor sometimes. I did a completely new programme using exactly the same settings and is now logging data to the Access database. Windows 10 seems to have a few quarms with Supervisor 3.5 but hopefully things are looking better now.   Regards   Peter 
  4. Logging To A database

    Hello, I am using CX Supervisor 3.5 on a Windows 10 PC and despite all my attempts I still cant get data to log to a Access database 2002-2003. All the other PCs in my plant log ok and I have connected two Laptops to the PLC that the errant PC reads from and both log ok but this PC refuses to log. The runtime is ok but the assigned database will not go live. Can anyone help me its so frustrating.   Thanks
  5. Datalogging

    Hello, I have just downloaded the latest CX Supervisor for Windows 10 and for some reason I cant get the datalogging to work. Does anyone know what version of Access should the database be saved in? I am using Office 2016.   Regards   Peter
  6. I have tried unticking the Read Only box in the file properties and it still does not work on a network drive. I contacted Omron Uk support and they seem to think that NB Designer unlike NS Designer will not work with network drives. Suppose thats what a heaper version of HMI costs you.
  7. Hello, All of our NB programmes were compiled using Windows 7 and are saved on my companies external hard drives for security. We recently converted our new laptops to Windows 10 and now if I open up a NB programme  it  does not recognise the programme that is saved on the external drive. Looks like I am going to have to save them onto the C Drive. Has anyone come across this?   Regards   Peter
  8. Hello, I am trying to communicate with a MX2 Inverter using a CJ2M Inverter. My communication card is a SCU41-V1 and I am communicating using Serial Gateway. I have downloaded Function Block INV003 but I cant get the speed reference to work. Wondered if anyone has used the INV003 to run a MX2?   Many Thanks   Peter
  9. High Speed Counter

    Hi Jay, Yes I have done the settings and have altered the Data Memories and at the moment the CTBL is stuck at #30 I am getting 0 to 360 on A270. I have enclosed my latest attempt.   Regards Crown CTBLV1.cxp
  10. High Speed Counter

    Hello, I am trying to utilise a E6C2-CWZ5B as a high speed counter to position some outputs to activate solenoids to feed cylinders on one of our machines. I have used CTBL 882 but when I spin the encoder I get no readings at the CTBL or the relevant addresses. A270 comes on with Phase A and the three inputs show up on the MD212 so wonder if anyone can check the programme and settings and see what I am missing.   Regards   Peter FAO Mark CTBL Latest.cxp
  11. Programming Incremental Encoder

    Sorry think Control Data should read #0000 FAO Innoaloe.cxp
  12. Programming Incremental Encoder

    Many thanks Innoaloe, So in essence use the ladder section as I have tried. I need to generate an output between 5000 and 6000 pulses. Hope this is okay?     Peter FAO Innoaloe.cxp
  13. Hello, I have been tasked with improving the speeds of our Seaming machines. These machines seam a tin plate end on to a tin plate sweet tin eg Quality Street. I have fitted a E6C2-CWZ5B Incremental Encoder onto the shaft of the machine and plan to fit a CJ2MMD212 Pulse IO Module to our existing CJ2M PLC. I have never programmed encoders before but realise that the Z Phase is used for finding the origin as only gets an output once per revolution. I basically need to produce various outputs that will energise pneumatic solenoids in order to feed the ends etc and to eject the sweet tin body once seamed. I understand that this is done by using pulses generated by the encoder and looking at the manual it seems to suggest using PULS(886) for comparing the pulse to produce an output against the pulse being generated by the encoder. The manual also talks about using SPED (885) function to measure the frequency. Has anyone had any experience of this and am I on the right lines here. Any advice welcome.   Regards   Peter
  14. SR2 File Extension problem

    Hi Berti, Yes I have downloaded the latest version of Supervisor. Rebuilt the developer programme and saved to my start up short cut and all is well.   Kind Regards   Peter
  15. SR2 File Extension problem

    I have a new problem with my CX Supervisor and was wondering if you have ever come across it. When I converted our PCs to Windows 10 I had to change the Runtime icon from photos to Supervisor in Properties. This has worked fine and if the end of line pc reboots the Runtime automatically restarts. The pcs have updates done at the weekend and now upon rebooting the Runtime will not start as it reverts back to the photo format. I have changed the Open With to Supervisor but as soon as pc is rebooted it reverts to photo again. I have tried the Open with Supervisor File but once again on reboot reverts to Photos. It is just Windows 10 related as Windows 7 PCs okay.   Kind Regards   Peter