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  1. USB RS232 Adaptor PNOZ M1P

    Hello, We are trying to download a safety programme into our recently acquired PNOZ m1p Controller but the lead that connects our PC to the RS 232 Port is unavailable. Does anyone know how the lead is wired so we can make a temporary lead until the proper ones become available?   Regards   Peter 
  2. Data Logging Floating Point Access 2000

    Thanks for your help. In the end I did the number field with a Single setting and 7 decimal places and it now logs every minute showing a floating point reading. Regards 
  3. Data Logging Floating Point Access 2000

    Will that help? Think version 4.2 is out but will it provide us with better options with regards to Floating Points? 
  4. Data Logging Floating Point Access 2000

    Hi again Bertie, This afternoon I tried the decimals setting in the Access database but after I had saved as Access 2000 I ran in Runtime but found that the data wouldn't log. I basically save the database as a 2000 file to my companies cloud type drive and log data at 1 minute intervals. I have managed to log data using IEE Floating Point but it rounds up or down the value instead of showing a decimal point. All other numbers and Real values log ok it's just the floating point values. If I use anything other than Access 2000 then the database is not recognised in Supervisor 
  5. Data Logging Floating Point Access 2000

    Hi Bertie. If I set a point in Supervisor as Real which is the settings for the floating point. I have tried IEE Floating but that's not right.
  6. Data Logging Floating Point Access 2000

    Hi Bertie. Happy New Year to you. I have CX Supervisor version 3.50 and after compiling a 2016 Access Database when I try to connect through CX Supervisor the Database isn't recognised. It will recognise Access 2000 but of course that does not support Floating Point. It's maybe the way that I am saving the Database but I only get four options. We use Office 365 so maybe a problem there.   Regards   
  7. Hello, Our version of CX Supervisor uses Microsoft Access 2000 for logging data. My management want to display the amount of waste we are making as a percentage to be logged every minute. I have done all the maths and the answer is stored in a Data Memory area as a floating point eg 2.187%. I would like this to be displayed in a live Access Field but Access 2000 will only allow me to display as an Integer eg 2 or 3% etc. Does anyone know if there is a work around or if a later version of Developer uses a later version of Access that would allow a floating point value to be displayed. Regards Peter
  8. Convert CJ1M RS232 Serial Port to Ethernet

    Although my PC recognises the Brainbox com port the CJ1M doesn't recognise it as a port when I try to remotely connect using Sysmac Way via the Hostlink Port.  A Omron manual for EWON talks about using Fins whereas the Brainbox uses  Raw TCP. Wonder if this is the problem here? I take it nobody has used a Brainbox Serial to Ethernet Converter with a CJ1M?    Regards 
  9. Convert CJ1M RS232 Serial Port to Ethernet

    Aww many thanks. Have never done this before. Regards 
  10. Convert CJ1M RS232 Serial Port to Ethernet

    Aww I think it is a similar thing to a Ewon 500 that I once used as a remote virtual port. Will consult the won Omron guide as am  sure it will advise me. Think it uses TCP on Hostlink Port
  11. Convert CJ1M RS232 Serial Port to Ethernet

    Hi Crossbow, It has given me a Com Port of 118 but not sure how to connect to the PLC. Will it be like a Bluetooth Dongle so via Toolbus using baud rate as displayed. I want to really use it for SCADA so data collection.
  12. Hello, I believe that I can convert a serial port on a CJ1M to Ethernet. I have purchased a Brainbox ES 246. Has anyone ever used this converter? Am assuming that I would have to use Ethernet IP protocol to connect using a PC? All my factories PLCs are Serial Port and to buy Ethernet CPUs would be expensive so hoping this will work to help keep the cost down.   Regards   Peter
  13. SD1000 Replacement

    The Sena SD1100 is RS422 so what converts the RS232 to RS 422. I have used Communication Cards for NS and Modbus etc but never for a CPU port. Would rather stick with Sena but don't really understand the RS422 criteria 
  14. SD1000 Replacement

    Unfortunately we don't have enough ethernet capacity at our plant so Bluetooth works fine and SD1000 was supported by Omron. I have used EWON before so may have to utilise for serial port connection but more expensive than Bluetooth.
  15. SD1000 Replacement

    Hello, We use the Parani SD1000 Bluetooth Dongle to remotely connect to our CJ1M and CJ2M PLCs. We have been informed that they have been discontinued but they haven't given us a replacement. Does anyone know of any? The service from Omron UK is terrible now. I always had a good relationship with them but they don't contact us anymore. The pandemic can only be part of the reason.   Regards   Peter