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  1. Runtime not loading

    Hi Berti, To be honest Windows 10 has been a nightmare for CX Supervisor. When I write a programme on Developer I always do it as Run as Administrator. Unfortunately now my companies IT man has to install CX One and Supervisor as he has Administration Rights. He has done the same installation for most of our PCs so can't really understand. Wondered whether or not upgrading to CX Supervisor V4 would help but it does seem to me as though some files were maybe corrupted when he installed. He is on vacation in India for a few weeks so will get him to reinstall on his return. Kind regards and Stay Safe    Peter 
  2. Runtime not loading

    Sorry I installed V3.5
  3. Runtime not loading

    Hello, I have just installed Supervisor V3.2 onto one of our end of line PCs Window 10. When I try runtime a message appears Unable to load resources. File CXSUPERVISSORES. DLL   Has anyone else had this problem? Have used the same Developer on all the other Windows 10 PCs without a problem.   Regards   Peter
  4. How I did the Altivar Inverters was to use a Omron RS485 Communication Card to the Inverter. Download a Modbus RTU Protocol Macro to the card and then Read and Write values through ladder diagram programming using the registers. I know that we can buy Data Logging additions for the PM8000 but hopefully I will be able to retrieve data using my method.   Regards
  5. Many thanks cHud. Have you ever extracted value from the PM5100 before? I am sure I have to use Modbus RTU but maybe I will have to purchase a PM 5110?   Regards
  6. Hello, I would like to receive data from our PM5100 Power Meter via Modbus using a Omron PLC. I am sure that it will use Modbus RTU as I have controlled Altivar Inverters using this system. Does anyone know where I can access the Modbus Registry for this Meter? I really want to log KWH usage.   Regards    Peter 
  7. HHMMSS Timer

    Sussed it. 
  8. Am trying to use your HHMMSS FBs Paraffin Power. Do I have to use both timers and the one shot? Cant seem to get the timer started.



  9. HHMMSS Timer

    Hello, Wonder if anyone has used Paraffin Powers  FB Timer? I cant get it to work. The download contains a One Shot FB and two Timer FBs so maybe I have to use all three but not sure.   Regards   Peter
  10. TIML Timer

    Hello, Has anyone ever programmed a Long Timer TIML. I cant seem to get one to work. I know that you don't have to give the Timer a number but when I put a SV in nothing.   Regards   Peter    
  11. Display Decimal values NB Screen

    Many Thanks Michael I was on the right track but I now have a reading on NB screen in decimal. Not sure about the scaling on the NB though? The explanation is typical Omron. Basically I want to display a positional move in my so my position input is 320 mm but the screen reads 32000. The servo does move 320 mm but not sure how to scale the reading so that I could be more accurate. Eg 320.5 mm.
  12. hello, I am using a CJ2M in conjunction with a NB 7W HMI Screen in order to set servo positioning and velocity etc. I am struggling to replicate the positioning data in decimal from the PLC to the screen. The function Number Display will show Hex value but not decimal. The operators need to set a stroke value on the screen. I can do this with an NS Screen but am struggling with NB. Any help apprechiated.   Peter
  13. Logging To A database

    Hi Berti, As is the way with Supervisor sometimes. I did a completely new programme using exactly the same settings and is now logging data to the Access database. Windows 10 seems to have a few quarms with Supervisor 3.5 but hopefully things are looking better now.   Regards   Peter 
  14. Logging To A database

    Hello, I am using CX Supervisor 3.5 on a Windows 10 PC and despite all my attempts I still cant get data to log to a Access database 2002-2003. All the other PCs in my plant log ok and I have connected two Laptops to the PLC that the errant PC reads from and both log ok but this PC refuses to log. The runtime is ok but the assigned database will not go live. Can anyone help me its so frustrating.   Thanks
  15. Datalogging

    Hello, I have just downloaded the latest CX Supervisor for Windows 10 and for some reason I cant get the datalogging to work. Does anyone know what version of Access should the database be saved in? I am using Office 2016.   Regards   Peter