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  1. OneShot CX-programmer

    Hi Programming a CJ2M in ST is there a oneshot instruction and how to use a timer ?  PS I now how to program a oneshot. Banker 
  2. CPU load memory

    Use the cross ref. in CX-programmer Banker
  3. CXSupervisor, CJ2M performance issues.

    Ethernet has most better performance 
  4. Using a AD041 and DA041

    Hi  You need to start the card 2020.0 , 1, 2, 3 one bit pr channel. Sorry my mistake you have already started the card, but the address for writing is 2021 unit no.2 ch.1 Banker   
  5. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    Hi  Use the Cross-ref ( ALT -X ) and you can see that the program use D20XXX in the section Bally_Flow_AVG You have a functionblock AVG300 with AT_D20000     Banker
  6. CX-Supervisor runtime startup question

    The PLC is in run mode. 
  7. 2 CPU CJ2M on one PSU

    HI Is it possible to have 2 CPU on the same PSU ? Banker PS. only using remote I/O
  8. Yes you can install cxs on the same PC as cxone. 
  9. Hi  I got a beta ver 341(3) and I also have isue printing. Banker  
  10. CX-Supervisor 3.4.1

    Problem solved By Omron Denmark: Mark all point and press <Enter> Then Press <OK> 
  11. CX-Supervisor 3.4.1

    Hi After updating CXS to ver. 3.4.1 I can't see point address I can see them when I editing but in the list form only the array len. is shown. When I enter a new point I can see the address. Anybody now hove to solve that ? Banker
  12. By default the address is  Banker 
  13. CJ2M 33 Ethernet/IP problem

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I want to avoid a solution with an extra relay. I had this setup with Omron PLC but on profibus, no problem because the comms. stop when the PLC goes into stop. Banker
  14. CJ2M 33 Ethernet/IP problem

    Hi I have a problem. I have a PLC CJ2M with Ethernet/IP comms to some Danfoss drives FC280. I can start and stop the drives, control speed ect. BUT when/if my PLC goes into stop the drives continues. The drives have at controlword with a bit 10 Data valid bit ( most be On otherwise controlword will be ignordet ) When the PLC goes into Stop the Ethernet/IP continues to comm. so if i use DM memory for the comms it will not change. If i use CIO memory i all go 0 and the drive ignor the controlword. What to do. ??? Banker