Licensed runtime and 2 hours demo - screen refresh

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Hi all.

I tried to start two identical Cx-supervisor runtime projects. Both of them started on different PCs.

I noticed that after some time, some data (circle color) on one PC (runtime) were changed, but on second not. Why?

I tried first to change the screen, and back, but the problem persists.

Then I stop the runtime on "non-refreshed data" PC. After starting again data are changed.

It looks like some refresh problem, but runtime projects are completely identical. 

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Hi Milosh,

If you're using V3.4 then upgrade to v3.5 as Readme lists bug fixes with animations and hanging.

If you're running v3.5 and this sounds like a bug then worth raising with Omron direct on myOMRON. They are still actively fixing these things.


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