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CX-Supervisor Version 3.50(7) on Windows 7.

I've just had a vendor add a function to a HMI. It's a single button to save the recipe and it's near the bottom centre of the screen.

  • Sometimes it works.
  • Sometimes it works if I slide my finger around on it.
  • Usually it doesn't work.
  • It always works if I use a VNC viewer and press the button remotely.

The PC has two touch monitors (on VGA splitter).

  • Both monitors have the same problem.
  • If I run PBrush (Paint) I can draw all over that area of the screen without missing a pixel.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? And, more importantly, how did you fix it?


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First,  when I've seen something like this it is when a small picture is placed over the button and the picture receives the presses instead of the button - if you click the corner it works OK :-0.  For those in this situation the solution is easy - if you make the picture 'unclickable' the presses will pass through to the button underneath.  Just add an "Enable" animation to the picture with Expression: FALSE so that it is never enabled :clap:

Second thought though about if this is touch screen or driver etc, could be good test to display $MouseX and $MouseY on screen these are updated every click so you can see if CX-supervisor is actually getting all those clicks.


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