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  1. [Q] Studio 5000 Versions

    Hi Joseph.  The major revision must match meaning if you have 24 and your integrator uses 32, you will not be able to connect to the PLC.  Also, if you have version 36, you still will not be able to connect to the PLC.  Since you have a license, you can download new versions as long as you have a support contract and it is probably worth it because it gives you 8 to 5 support, Monday through Friday.
  2. How Do I Open .CHA

    You would use Connected Components Workbench, then go File > Import Device > PVc Application
  3. License for RSLogix 500

    You'll need a Rockwell support contract...but first...what PLC is it?
  4. What software is required?

    You'll need Studio 5000, as long as it is Ladder only, the Mini edition will take care of you.  It is about $500 for a 1 year subscription. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpzDmpCsbHk
  5. Is the PLC's RUN light on?  My suspicion is you are in program mode.  While online is RsLogix 500, go to Communications then RUN mode.
  6. I jumped the gun locking this thread.  Discussion of bypassing passwords is prohibited but you didn't ask to do that, you have a unprotected program that you are trying to put into your password protected PLC.  When prompted, enter "65257636".  This will clear the PROGRAM.  Then you can download your new program.
  7. No, you can't get help bypassing password on this forum.
  8. Update on my Model Train Project

    Outstanding job!
  9. STUDIO 5000

    Nice homework assignment. Post it when you're done and we might critique it. I just used ChatGPT to do a similar homework assignment. Maybe it can help. https://youtu.be/RDLy7YIXFcM  
  10. Hi Lucas. I am the author. The three basic of pieces data you're going to need is the IP address, the data address which will probably begin with a 4, and the length of data that you're transferring.
  11. 1400 with 1762-IF4 AI card

    One other thought, does the 1400 have built in analog inputs?  I wonder what their update rate is.  Glad you like our videos!
  12. 1400 with 1762-IF4 AI card

    What are the "newer" PLCs that you've successfully done this on?
  13. I have a Panelview 600  with a RS232 . So this what i did , we had a output for a start station for a pump and also the HMI has a button to start the pump. The output was sticking in the processer so I changed the output address to a empty output on a external output module. everything works fine except the button in the HMI 600  doesnt  turn red are green to show the pump is on , but the pump does turn on and off. So i was wondering how to change a indicater tag in the HMI 600. 

    Thank you

  14. AB Micro 870

    The Micro800 has come a LONG way in the last few years.  I have some videos setting up the communications but I'd guess you have that part down.  It is still messaging instructions, so no Ethernet I/O but I have several of them communicating with Controllogix with no issues.  Also, version 20 is out now (they skipped from 13 to 20).  I have downloaded it but haven't played with it yet.  I would urge you to make sure they are running version 13 so that you have the Logix theme, it makes it more like Studio 5000.
  15. ip Finder

    Send us your shipping information and we'll see what we can do. https://twcontrols.com/contact