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  1. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    The Built-in port on the Powerflex 525 does not work with Statix2500. As far as the "special device" to do it, have a look at the PLC Tools SIM-IPE IP Explorer. https://www.theautomationstore.com/plc-tools-sim-ipe-ethernet-ip-address-explorer-dhcp-and-bootp-server/ Here are some application examples of it being used on a Powerflex 525.  https://www.theautomationstore.com/plc-tools-sim-ipe-reading-and-writing-an-ip-address-to-an-allen-bradley-powerflex-drive/  
  2. Unrecognized Device

    Try deleting your Harmony files. See video below. https://www.theautomationstore.com/troubleshooting-rslinx-browsing-programs-caused-by-harmony-files/
  3. Micro830 -Calculating Flow Rate from pulses with EII

    The "Long" data type is only available in the MicroLogix 1100, 1200, 1400 and 1500.  However it is not a 64 bit word, it is a 32 bit word.  I really don't know how the naming evolved in RsLogix 500 that it doesn't line up with Studio 5000 but... RsLogix 500 = Studio 5000 N Integer = SINT Single Integer L Long Integer = DINT Double Integer Doesn't exist = LINT 64 bit Integer.  Interestingly we assume the stands for long integer but I don't find any reference stating it.
  4. Micro830 -Calculating Flow Rate from pulses with EII

    Your pulse width will determine if if you can do it with a regular input.  I use regular inputs to count in this video where I talk about how encoder count. https://www.theautomationstore.com/how-an-encoder-works-determining-direction-and-position/
  5. Micro830 -Calculating Flow Rate from pulses with EII

    Hi Marnus.  You only want an ADD instruction with a Source A of the Flow Total Count, a Source B of 1, and a Destination of the Flow Total Count in the EII.  Since it interrupts the regular program, it needs to be a lean as possible.  Then do the flow rate calculation in regular ladder such as I did in one of these lessons depending on the PLC you are using. RsLogix 500 https://www.theautomationstore.com/rslogix-500-training-how-to-calculate-the-rate-speed-or-rpm-on-a-high-speed-counter-in-rslogix-500-for-a-micrologix-plc/ Connected Components Workbench https://www.theautomationstore.com/calculating-rate-on-a-high-speed-counter-in-an-allen-bradley-micro800-micro850-plc/ Depending on how slow your pulses is, the above could make it jumpy.  If it does then you only want to log a timestamp in the EII then still calculate the flow rate in a regular ladder program based off of the change in the timestamp.
  6. 1762-IF4

    Hi Mike, yes just select the correct format for each channel under I/O configuration and have the load resistor in the top on the module ON for your 4-20mA signals.  Here are details on how to do it. https://www.theautomationstore.com/rslogix-500-analog-circuits-wiring-and-programming-0-10vdc-4-20ma/
  7. Allen Bradley Micro810 password

    You can't discuss any type of password circumvention here.  If you put the password in then keep guessing at what it could be.  That is your only option.
  8. RS LOGIX 5000

    Also you'll likely need to use Ethernet Devices driver if you're coming in remotely since most feed VPNs block the broadcast packets of Ethernet IP driver. You can learn more about these two drivers at the following link. https://www.theautomationstore.com/how-to-connect-to-an-allen-bradley-controllogix-or-compactlogix-plc-over-ethernet-using-studio-5000/
  9. RS LOGIX 5000

    Your Ethernet module should be scrolling the IP address (either the second from the right or third from the right module).
  10. Incrementing Counter Error

    Thanks for letting us know you got it working Alan.
  11. Incrementing Counter Error

    Hi Alan.  You need to use a ONS instruction so that your add instruction executes only once instead of each time the rung is scanned.  I talk about it more in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQF-HGxXzAc
  12. RsLogix 5000 version

    You need to install version 15 in addition to version 20.  You can have multiple versions installed.
  13. ip Finder

    I may configure the IP address of 20-30 PLCs a week.  The PLC Tools SIM-IPE is the fastest and easiest way to configure an IP address.  Plus I can store various configurations in it for quick assess where I use the same IP configuration on multiple systems such as our PLC trainers.  Here is a link to it. https://www.theautomationstore.com/plc-tools-sim-ipe-ethernet-ip-address-explorer-dhcp-and-bootp-server/
  14. ip Finder

    Yes, for example if you have the PLC Tools SIM-IPE IP configuration at with a subnet of then it could still discover an Ethernet device on the network at  In the video I don't think I had even configured the IP address of the SIM-IPE
  15. ip Finder

    Here's a video I did on the PLC Tools SIM-IPE doing exactly what you are asking for.  It will give you the IP address, MAC address, model number, firmware, and serial number of most AB PLCs and Ethernet/IP devices. https://www.theautomationstore.com/how-to-discover-ethernet-devices-on-an-unknown-network-using-plc-tools-sim-ipe-ip-explorer/