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  1. I didn't want to get on a tangent question on another post I was just reading so... What is the advantage of a Virtual Private Network over having your Plant and Office network separate besides cost? You see people having trouble with this all the time. So what are they gaining by doing it?
  2. You need to post your code so we can look at it.
  3. How long are you wanting to energize for? For that single full minute? If so, why are you using the OTL? The OTE would make it true for that minute only.
  4. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    Glad I could help.
  5. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    Study on parameter P046, that is your command source, and P047, that is your speed reference.
  6. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    Are they brand new out of the box?  If so turn the potentiometer to the right and hit the green button the the keypad.  
  7. micrologix 1200 watchdog

    Did the system used to work without faulting? It usually means there is a grounding problem but if a system has been working for years and suddenly gets this then it could be a PLC going bad.
  8. Flow Meter on Micrologix 1400

    A basic converter probably won't work.  They usually will have capacitors to help them smooth out the ripples that the high speed counter senses.  You need something like a optocoupler.  Maybe something like this. https://www.phoenixcontact.com/online/portal/us?urile=pxc-oc-itemdetail:pid=2964270&library=usen&tab=1
  9. Flow Meter on Micrologix 1400

    Probably cheapest to get a 24V hall effect sensor.  Transformers don't work with DC applications though there are isolators that may work. It will depend on the sensor as to whether you need or what value the pull up resistor needs to be.
  10. Flow Meter on Micrologix 1400

    The Micrologix 1400 inputs are 24VDC, 6 volt won't work. What is the maximum voltage of your sensor?
  11. RSLogix 500 Lite vs. Standard

    Glad you found it helpful.
  12. RSLogix 500 Lite vs. Standard

    Does this help? https://www.theautomationstore.com/rslogix-500-training-where-can-i-download-rslogix-500-and-what-is-the-price-difference-of-each-version/
  13. Web Hosting

    I've been looking into some web hosting services but am still a little confused Some ask whether you want a Linux or a Windows server among many other things. Can someone suggest a simple web hosting package for starting out?
  14. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    He's pretty sharp so if he said only pin 3 is missing then he is probably right. If you are sure the DF1 driver settings match what I showed in the lesson then I can only think of three things. The UIC is bad (not likely), the C13 pinout is incorrect ( ohm it out) or the SLC port is faulty.
  15. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    It is missing at least two. I haven't used the white UIC in many years but in if then prevents 24V from damaging the UIC. I will do some searching for that pinout.
  16. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    If it shows 19.2 then stick with working on it.  Do you have 1747-C13 or did you make your own? Compare your settings to what is shown on the DF1 driver at the following link. https://www.theautomationstore.com/how-to-configure-the-1747-uic/
  17. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    Does the channel configuration in RsLogix 500 show 9600?
  18. Allen Bradley 1747-UIC DH485 Issues

    It sounds like you have a RSS file that you "think" is the correct program.  What does the channel configuration show, most notably the baud rate? Also hitting the basics, do you have the select in the RS485 position? And finally something to try on older SLCs.  Uncheck the Autobrowse in RsLinx and select the manual refresh.
  19. Billy Basic Question - Push Button Control!

    You are welcome, glad you got if figured out.
  20. Billy Basic Question - Push Button Control!

    Sounds like you missed something with the one shot configuration. Maybe that bit is already being used. Check you program again. Did you watch the video? It even shows how if you don't have a configure correctly you'll get the result that you're seeing.
  21. Billy Basic Question - Push Button Control!

    What your are looking for is a flip flop. See if this helps. https://www.theautomationstore.com/rslogix-500-training-flip-flop-one-shots-ons-osr-osf/
  22. Auto assign IP PowerFlex 525

    The Built-in port on the Powerflex 525 does not work with Statix2500. As far as the "special device" to do it, have a look at the PLC Tools SIM-IPE IP Explorer. https://www.theautomationstore.com/plc-tools-sim-ipe-ethernet-ip-address-explorer-dhcp-and-bootp-server/ Here are some application examples of it being used on a Powerflex 525.  https://www.theautomationstore.com/plc-tools-sim-ipe-reading-and-writing-an-ip-address-to-an-allen-bradley-powerflex-drive/  
  23. Unrecognized Device

    Try deleting your Harmony files. See video below. https://www.theautomationstore.com/troubleshooting-rslinx-browsing-programs-caused-by-harmony-files/
  24. Micro830 -Calculating Flow Rate from pulses with EII

    The "Long" data type is only available in the MicroLogix 1100, 1200, 1400 and 1500.  However it is not a 64 bit word, it is a 32 bit word.  I really don't know how the naming evolved in RsLogix 500 that it doesn't line up with Studio 5000 but... RsLogix 500 = Studio 5000 N Integer = SINT Single Integer L Long Integer = DINT Double Integer Doesn't exist = LINT 64 bit Integer.  Interestingly we assume the stands for long integer but I don't find any reference stating it.
  25. Micro830 -Calculating Flow Rate from pulses with EII

    Your pulse width will determine if if you can do it with a regular input.  I use regular inputs to count in this video where I talk about how encoder count. https://www.theautomationstore.com/how-an-encoder-works-determining-direction-and-position/