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  1. S7-1214C All LED Blinking

    You can use a program called Nmap to run a ping scan. It will take a while and it helps if you know the subnet. You can use a BOOTP type utility to see if it's sending DHCP requests to see if it's configured to get an IP address automatically. I've never used a 1200, but if the CPU has a DP port, you can connect via a PC Adapter and upload the station to the PG/PC.
  2. SLC 100

    We have about 8-10 of these things in service. If you have or can get a copy of SLC Logistics, it will run on an XP computer (or virtual machine) and this adapter will connect via USB: I think one of our electricians even got it to work using DOSBOX on a Win7 x64 machine, but that may have just been the PLC2 software.
  3. In these processors, some of the module configuration (especially analogs) is handled by writing values to the output image table. That's what the COP instruction is doing. It's writing to the module configuration registers on the PLC's first scan.
  4. Panel view plus

    On some PV+ HMIs, while it's booting up, there will be a small square lit up in one of the bottom corners of the screen while the rest is dark. Touch that, and it should get you to the configuration screen. If the folks who built the HMI for you didn't add a button in the project to shut down the runtime, the only other way I can think of is to create a new project with just the shutdown button on it and download that mer file to the HMI. The original mer file will still be there on the HMI, accessible and copy-able from the configuration screens. Once you have it, delete the empty shutdown mer and go to the startup menu inside the configuration screens to set it to run your original runtime on boot-up.
  5. ASCII Question

    Where does the data come from? Is there a reason to use a UDT instead of the predefined STRING data type?
  6. can not open a program

    What version is the PLC? Including minor revision. If you open the ACD file in notepad (or other text editor) you can scroll down through the first section and see the latest software version used to save it. If you right-click on the processor in RSLinx and select "Device Properties", you can see the version of the PLC. Major rev 20 was weird in that there are 2 (at least) earlier minor revisions that are incompatible with each other. The newest minor rev was supposed to sort that out. It looks like your software is 20.01. If the PLC is a newer minor rev, it won't work. I don't remember what error message you'll get.
  7. Unlock FB and FC @ TIA portal

    Sorry for your dilemma, but it's always against board policy to discuss bypassing or defeating copy protection or cracking passwords.   I am sympathetic since we have a number of machines here where the OEM is out of business and we don't have access to the source. Our only option is to treat the systems as black boxes that we can't really work with.
  8. Unlock FB and FC @ TIA portal

    I would assume it's the same as Simatic Manager: get the source code and password from the person who wrote it.
  9. Factory Talk Directory Blank

    We had that problem too when we had to change a computer name, but I can't find the notes I took about how to fix it. I do know you have to be logged in as a Windows admin and I'm almost sure you need the credentials that were entered during the FactoryTalk directory setup while installing the software. If you don't have those credentials, you may have to uninstall/reinstall the software.  
  10. M 810 lcd display doesnt work

    We've never actually used one of these. We bought one to test it out but never put it into service. Does stuff controlled by the ML810 operate? If so, it's just the LCD unit. Contact your local AB distributor for pricing and availability. They're not that expensive, so I would buy 2 so you have a backup.    
  11. M 810 lcd display doesnt work

    I think the LCD is a removable add-on unit. In that case, it's entirely possible the 810 is just fine and the LCD itself is bad. Have you tried unplugging the LCD and plugging it back in?
  12. Communication error

    Has this been working for a while and suddenly stopped working? There is a parameter that tells it what to do on comms loss: stop, fault, continue last, etc. You might check that. On most of our machines, the comms link isn't doing much for actual control (start/stop commands are hard-wired) so we typically set that parameter to "continue last".   
  13. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    The drive stopped when you sent a speed command other than 48Hz? Can you see parameter 28 change at the drive HIM when the PLC sends a new value to it?
  14. Our first responders used to have red mesh vests that they would wear while responding, otherwise there is no identification other than their pictures on several bulletin boards identifying the first responders by shift. I don't know if they still have the vests or not since I haven't seen any of them respond in a long time. Our more recent incidents have been on other shifts or have been over by the time I heard about them.
  15. 1336 plus (45 A /22 kw)

    Above 48Hz wouldn't do anything anyway since the max frequency in the drive is 48. Can the PLC issue it a speed command of 30Hz or some other value between 0 and 48Hz?