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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is always given healthy I'm using an FX5UC-32MT/DSS plc, and I see it has a built-in CC-Link IE Field Basic. I want the plc to communicate with the remote output module. I have done hardware settings on NZ2GFCF1-32T, with station no. 1, rear SW function AUTO PRM = ON, in software settings, on my CC-Link IEFB Configuration the "Detect Now" feature NZ2GFCF1-32T is not detected in CC-Link IEFB Configuration, and I am using CC-Link IEFB Module (General) for NZ2GFCF1-32T. LED for DLINK and LED ERR OFF FX5U IP : (master) IP NZ2GFCF1-32T : Can the Build-In Feature on the PLC communicate with the NZ2GFCF1-32T? Do I need to add a module as master? Best Regard
  2. CC Link Settings

    Hello, I have a project where i will be adding a new R04CPU to an existing CCLink network via RJ61BT11. The existing network has 5 stations and the Master module is a QJ61BT11N.  I am new to CCLink and have tried learning more through the manuals but i still have unanswered questions i cant seem to find answers to.  By adding this RJ61BT11 to the existing network as station 6, I will have to configure the settings on the RO4CPU for the RJ61BT11, aswell as on the QCPU for the master QJ61BT11N. Is this correct? By adding this to the network using the CCLink Configuration Tool in GXWorks2, I get the error (The Refresh Device settings are overlapping). Its referring to the Remote Inputs/Ouputs and the Remote Registers. How do I know what to set these ranges to?  If these ranges change, Will this effect the current program that is referencing certain inputs/outputs and addresses? Or will it only add to the end of the existing range, therefore leaving the addresses used intact? Im going to attach an image of  the Current, Existing settings (No implementation of the RJ61BT11) that are working on the machine. My goal is to implement the new R04 PLC to handle a vision application and transfer data between the main machine (QPLC), such as recipe data, and vision results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I am using IQ-R Series "R16ENCPU" With Inbuild CC-LINK IE FIELD "RJ71EN71" and attached CC-LINK "RJ61BT11". Problem is, Even though my remote IO cards are in Online connected with masters, I cannot able to On/OFF Remote Device station IOs in CC-Link IE FIELD network. But CC-Link Normal is working fine. Refresh settings and Network Config Settings are done, Below attached the pics for reference. I cannot able to find the problem, Can anyone help me in this.  
  4. Configure two HMIs

    Hi! I'm interested, is it possible to configure a second GOT HMI on an existing machine? The current HMI is on CC-Link IE field communication on a net switch.  (It's just an idea for upgrading the production)
  5. I need to know what kind of connector/cables i can use for my network: Topology, ( all on one switch): * Ethernet: FX5U, GOT, Safety PLC (WS0-GETH00200) * CC-Link: 2X  Inverters FR-A840-00023 Does this systeem needs the RJ45 4wired  or  8wired cables/connector?
  6. GX Works 3 Remote IO setup

    Hello. I am told that the use of a remotehead IO-module demands that a separate project is necessary. Is this true? I am using a R32EN cpu.   EDIT: Just received word that it's because it's necessary for hotswap. Cheers // RI
  7. CCLINK program problem

    Hello everyone, I want to ask,, Does address mapping use this concept to do "remote i / o station" can be done? following the network parameter settings for CCLink and I tried to program with this ladder, is that correct?  
  8. Combine 2 Machines with CC-Link

    I would like to combine two existing machines with CC-Link. Each machine has a QJ61BT11N set up as its Master Station. The larger machine has 26 remote I/O and 4 remote devices. The smaller machine has 1 remote device (see the attachment). Each are already programmed and running. The larger machine has HMIs that I would like add screens to in order to control the smaller machine as well. The smaller machine would basically just need to send and receive a handful of signals... start, stop, manual, origin, e-stop, fire specific outputs, etc. What would be the best way(s) or simplest way(s) to connect and communicate between these machines? I am open to any advice and ideas. Thank you Machine_Addition_Via_CCLINK.bmp