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  1. Which communcation connectors in FX5U network?

    Allright thank you.
  2. Which communcation connectors in FX5U network?

      So i gues a Siemens (Profinet) Cat5 cable can be use for ethernet, if only 4 are used? What is special about the CC-Link?  ( In a tested i used a Cat5 cable, that workt). But i need to use a connector with a angle, and this is only provided in 4wired.  
  3. I need to know what kind of connector/cables i can use for my network: Topology, ( all on one switch): * Ethernet: FX5U, GOT, Safety PLC (WS0-GETH00200) * CC-Link: 2X  Inverters FR-A840-00023 Does this systeem needs the RJ45 4wired  or  8wired cables/connector?
  4. LT_E Compare not working reliably

  5. LT_E Compare not working reliably

    Dear, I discovered a problem in an existing program. The output / marker should only go high when the actual pressure is lower than the set pressure. (Druk_laag) However, we see the marker sporadically goes high / low (usually between 800.0  and 1000.0 ) But not turn '1' under the set value of < 50.0. Marker is not written anywhere else, I used other markers to rule this out. but not different ... I also tried this in the simulation and another PLC but the same problem. According to the manual this should work like this Is there something I misjudged?  
  6. Dear, I've just started using GX Works and I need to convert an old program made in GX Works2 to GX Works3. I've already solved most of the problems, but the a 'K0' command is not allowed  in GX Works3. Current situation: The current step value is compared with ;'K0 ',' K1 'or' K2 ' My question: Is the 'K' value in not accepted GX Works3? Should I use a different value?