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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is always given healthy I'm using an FX5UC-32MT/DSS plc, and I see it has a built-in CC-Link IE Field Basic. I want the plc to communicate with the remote output module. I have done hardware settings on NZ2GFCF1-32T, with station no. 1, rear SW function AUTO PRM = ON, in software settings, on my CC-Link IEFB Configuration the "Detect Now" feature NZ2GFCF1-32T is not detected in CC-Link IEFB Configuration, and I am using CC-Link IEFB Module (General) for NZ2GFCF1-32T. LED for DLINK and LED ERR OFF FX5U IP : (master) IP NZ2GFCF1-32T : Can the Build-In Feature on the PLC communicate with the NZ2GFCF1-32T? Do I need to add a module as master? Best Regard
  2. QJ71MT91 MODBUS TCP, read holding register

    Sir @Gambit, Thanks for your advice and I'm sorry for the late reply it has worked according to the address. head buffer memory remains 1000 because as you said, if i change it, it will offset the address if i want to start at 0
  3. QJ71MT91 MODBUS TCP, read holding register

    I see, so the problem is maybe the next address doesn't exist, I'll try your suggestion for the memory address of the head buffer, do I need to change it from 1000h to 0000h? Is there a possibility if the address we received doesn't match the address in question? Thanks for your advice and sorry for the late reply @Gambit
  4. Hello everyone,  I have a problem, i want to read inverter holding register using modbus tcp. I am using QJ71MT91 and ABB580 FENA-21. QJ71MT91 successfully opened and no error was detected. I want to read the address to 101 and so on. in automatic communication parameter >> I have tried changing the target MODBUS Device Head from 0 to 102, and I got error code 7360. do I also have to use the auto refresh setting? I ask for guidance PLC Q03UDECPU : PLC QJ71MT91 : INVERTER :  i use gx works2   best regard chelz96
  5. QJ71E71 Communication error - C017

    thanks for the suggestion sir. I will try to contact ABB. I've followed the ZP.OPEN instructions step by step. IP on the inverter is also the same.
  6. QJ71E71 Communication error - C017

    The inverter i use is ABB ACS580, using the FENA 21 module. If my inverter doesn't accept ZP.OPEN connection, then what should i do? Can you give me some advice? 
  7. Hello. I'm new here. I tried to communicate between QJ71E71 &inverter using ethernet, i haven't been successful at all. My program only has ZP.OPEN & ZP.CLOSE, i just trying to test the connection and i got COM ERR, i looked in ethernet diagnotic and i got error code C017. I:m using plc Q03UDECPU & GXWorks2. IP Q003UDE : IP QJ71E71 : port : 8000 IP INVERTER : port : 5700