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  1. Hi! We have a GOT2000 HMI with a Q06UDVCPU system. During an investigation, I found that the address on the HMI (for example D10120) and the address in the PLC (D10020) are different. The value is the same, it appeared instantly during monitoring, but when I searched for it, didn't find it (I couldn't find the D10120 in GxWorks2, and couldn't find D10020 in GtDesigner3). The HMI's address is 100 higher. I never saw anything like that. Where is this difference can be set? Knowing this, I can navigate in the's just annoying.
  2. Problem during tuning

    Hi! I would like to do some tuning on our machine, but the problem is that the machine stops and drops origin positions. I selected User Command method with Basic setting. After 5sec I started the tuning, the machine stops with the roblem of that axis. Is there a parameter bit that goes high (or low) during tuning? There're no strange sounds nor movements..even the amplifier doesn't give error code. Is there something else that i should check? In the Servo-Adjustments parameters, One Touch Tuning setting I found the Permissible Overshoot Amount Level is set to 0.  Can it be the problem? 
  3. Servo tuning

    The Inverters are all MRJ4 types. I would do it with MRConfigurator2. Almost all of the motors has a physical gear reduction. But AndreasW's idea of positioning them in the middle range is a good idead, I will consider it. One more question: during the tuning, does the inverter set off the break in the motor?
  4. Servo tuning

    Hi.  I am planning to do a full scale servo tuning on our producting machine. Is it possible to do it while the servos are in, assambled? I mean no production, no disassembling, servos stay where they are, just tuning them one by one with their empty load..
  5. Configure two HMIs

    Hi! I'm interested, is it possible to configure a second GOT HMI on an existing machine? The current HMI is on CC-Link IE field communication on a net switch.  (It's just an idea for upgrading the production)
  6. System forgets servo position

    Hi everyone! The problem has been fixed! It was the servo amp. battery. The old one was 6.1V the new one is 6.4V. After the replacement, everything was fine. There was no error message and the battery seemed fine. So that 0.3V difference was the guilty :)
  7. System forgets servo position

    No, the home position is about 270 degrees by program setting. This value is overwritten.
  8. Hi all! We have a problem with a Mitsubishi system. After switch off the machine in home position and back on, it resets the servo encoder value to 0.  I checked the servo parameters, and the Absolute encoder is enabled, the ext. battery is ok and no zero reseting in the program ( I think...). Is there a parameter I should check or some setting in the intelligent module? The system consists Q01CPU, QD77MS2 im., J4 200B amp with 6v battery, and HG-SR152 motor.
  9. Hi! I have a question about programming. I want to place an input (X01) on the left vertical line, to allow the rest of the program running by an external switch. How can I place an input like that? I work on Gx works2 and using an Fx3g Plc (I used it once, but i can't find that program.)