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  1. I have an inquiry about the best IoT plan for an alarm system that sends SMS notifications. Our company is currently deploying an alarm system, and we would like to configure it to send SMS notifications to at least 10 cell phones in case of any incidents.   We are planning to use a cellular modem connected to the main server, which would have a SIM card from AT&T. However, we are not sure which IoT plan to select for this purpose.   Based on our requirements, we would like to receive SMS notifications for any incidents that occur on our alarm system. We estimate that we would send around 100 SMS messages daily, with an average message size of 160 bytes. We would also need to ensure that the data usage for SMS messages is kept to a minimum. Has anybody worked with an AT&T plan that allows sending and receive SMS's for alarm notifications?
  2. Help Logo!8 to HMI Alarms

    I have an existing LOGO!8 and im adding a HMI (SImatic HMI KTP400). i want to bring up an alarm based on the status of a Flag in the PLC. i can see that i cannot address an alarm to a Bool Tag. so my question is how to i get it to work. Example. i have LOGO flag 1 (M0.0) and Flag 2 (M0.1) what to i need to do to make them into a WORD for the alarms.   Cheers
  3. Alarm Comments Not Showing on GOT

    Hello! Im trying to set up Alarms on my project using GT Desisgner 3. My GOT is a GS Series, and my PLC is a FX5U. I usually just do a multi state lamp with descriptions for what's happening on the machine, but this system is much more complicated, so id like to do an alarm screen. I found a few sample projects, as well as tried both the Simple and User alarm tools on my own. However once everything is set up, when an alarm is triggered, the comment for that alarm is missing... The alarm time of occurrence, as well as turning green when its resolved all works on the screen, but i cant figure out why my comment doesn't show up. When in my project, all the "previews" of my comments show up great and are all there, just not on the screen itself...   Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Is there a way to clear a CPU fault on power up without having to connect to software?
  5. Dear Experts!!! I am facing one problem in ALARMs configured in SCADA ( FT View SE v8.0) There are some unnecessary alarms like "acknowledgement status" are coming. Alarm bad quality alarms are coming all the time, I dont have any clue about them. Please help!!!
  6. I am new to Omron Programming, Sysmac Studio NJ processor & NA hmi.  I am used to being able to create diagnostic PLC logic using BIT addressing from a DINT variable for setting diagnostic signals for an HMI.  I can also use the DINT to do a quick check to see if it is greater than 0, therefore signaling I have a Machine Fault.  I cannot seem to figure out a way to get those BITS setup in the User Alarms of the NA programming.  I have found where you can setup a Datatype/Union to be able to use the DINT scenario and Bit level in PLC programming....but that doesn't help on the HMI side. Any thoughts??
  7. Wonderware Alarms

    Hi were using Wonderware 2017 (intouch) with Wonderware Historian ( 10k tags)    is there a way to download the Alarms  that you would see on an alarms banner ( With/without filter)   to a CSV file for analysis to work out the Alarm KPi's   I assume that this Alarms list is stored in the historian   Would be looking to get it into a csv file or excel so I can look at columns On Time,Off Time,Ack Time,Duration,ID,Area,System,Description,Category,Type      
  8. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum but not new to plcs, I’ve used other models of Allen-Bradley’s as well as Siemens and this simple program has me stuck.    I am using the AB Micro850-2080-LC50-24QWB controller with an analog card- 2080-IF2.  what I am wanting to do is simulate an alarm system for an analyzer shelter. This is pretty simple, Press the test PB AND 3 LEDs come on as well as a strobe light. The strobe is simulating a horn. The second part is, I am using an analog signal generator, at 12mA or more, the second set of 3 LEDs and the strobe will come on. Pressing the reset button will reset the LEDs and pressing the Horn acknowledge button will deenergize the strobe. However, I am stuck on getting the strobe to deactivate while the signal generator is at or above 12 mA, and yes I want to be able to de-activate the strobe while the signal generator is still activating this output. I think I should be using the LIM_ALRM function within the program but I am not sure. Can anyone tell me is it possible to make this condition or should I use the function? Thanks!
  9. Good morning all! I'm just getting into this world of controls and automation and need a way to simplify my life when it comes to discrete alarms. I do not care to separate them by tag so long as I can create a personalized for each bit/alarm triggered. What is the best way to list hundreds of alarms in a single tag? Can we make use of a struct data type? If so, what would this look like? I understand I can use something like a tag of data type word, such as "Faults" MW100 and then reference M101.0, M101.1... M100.0, M100.1 (notice the order), but this only allows me 16 total discretes per tag.  Sometimes I'll have more alarms than 16 and sometimes way less. I'd rather not seperate them in this manner if I can avoid it. Your assistance is much appreciated!   [edit] Siemens TIA and WinCC v15
  10. Hi all, 1. I'm working on alarms in FT view ME with rslogix 500. I have seen all the alarms in my plc program are kept in the N7:1 and N7:3 out of which all bits for N7:1 is used and 9 bits for N7:3 is used. So right now I'm creating the alarms messages for N7:1 I went and created tag with name ALARM1 digital bit and used the device address as ::[shortcut]N7:1/1 and then used the same alarm tag while creating alarms and kept trigger value as 1. But while reading some post, few of them has mentioned to use L16 L32 in address bit ::[shortcut]N7:1(L16) Can't I use this ::[shortcut]N7:1/1 ? 2. Basically I'm converting pv550 to pv700. So I went and check alarms in pv550 in panelview 32 and I have seen there we have use "ack tag" as N7:2. because in plc program it was mentioned in description of N7:2 as ALARM RESET ADDRESS ARRAY. DO I have to use this N7:2 in acknowledging the alarms. Please some one help me
  11. Hi All, I have a requirement from a customer to acknowledge alarms from either of two  NS15 HMI's in the system. Can anyone provide info on how I may be able to acknowledge or delete alarms on one HMI which would also acknowledge or delete said alarm(s) on the second panel?  Both of the HMI's are polling one controller for alarm status so I assume that each time an alarm is acknowledged or deleted it would have to alert the controller which would then send something to the second HMI to clear the alarms? Any help is appreciated.
  12. iFix alarms all at once

    Just after midnight last night a site received EVERY alarm on the HMI but nothing had shutdown.  Has anyone ever seen this?  Does anyone know why this happened or how to prevent this from happening again?  The site is not manned around the clock and the operator received a call out that the whole plant went down.  Thanks!
  13. Monitor alarm block

    Hi all, I would like to monitor the status of my alarm word (MW100) and if any bit turns from 0 to 1 then an alarm signal should be generated, am new to siemens plc and am having a tough time accomplishing this easily. In omrom CX programmer its quite easy to do. Could anyone help me on this using ladder logic, all help will be deeply appreciated.  Regards, Ablex  PS: I'm using Step 7 V5.5
  14. PCS7 addressing

    Hi,   I am a bit rusty on PCS7. We have a nuisance alarm and I am struggling to identify the input. S7Prog/@(6)/4_AO_HART_3           Module 1/9/14 I think the clue is in the module addreess. What do the 3 numbers (1, 9, 14,) refer to
  15. PCS7 addressing

    Hi,   I am a bit rusty on PCS7. We have a nuisance alarm and I am struggling to identify the input. S7Prog/@(6)/4_AO_HART_3 Module 1/9/14
  16. Hello!!! I want to make one conditional alarm in the FT view SE v6 like : If {bsh_connected} Then If Not {ethernet_fault} Then If {cam fault} Then 3 Else 0 Else 1 Else 2 Please lemme know how can i make it in Alarm and Tag server without writting in he PLC.
  17. Hi guys, I recently was asked to configure a computer to host an Factory Talk SE Client application. I was able to get everything working except the trends and the Alarm window, all I have is the cross hatch screen. at the bottom of the screen it is saying cause: Trend: CAB file missing on the server: http://hmi1/RsviewActiveXControlSetup/RSTXView2ocx.CAB. I have worked on this for a while and am stumped. All the other computers on the same domain network are working fine, so it leads me to believe my problem is with my installation on the new computer. Any suggestions or if you need more input please let me know. Thanks
  18. Hi, to all. I have a question concerning the current alarms of CX-Supervisor, I'm using the version 3.22. I want to do a custom alarm view where the alarm messages have a different colors depending on the priority (ex. red for high priority, yellow for medium priority, etc...). I want also that the alarms are ordered by date & time, first the latest. The alarm object is not good because doesn’t allow to order by date & time and you can decide only one colour for all the alarms.The current alarm dialog box allows to order the alarms but non to customize the colors. I did some test and I've seen that I can fill a list with different line colors by using the ActiveX object Microsoft ListView Control 6.0, but I need the current alarm list to do it. I don't know where to get this list. The alarms history is stored in the .UAL and .UAB files but I didn't find any file with the current alarms. Does anyone know how to get the current alarms list? Does anyone know another way to have the same effect? Thanks in advance