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Hi all,

1. I'm working on alarms in FT view ME with rslogix 500. I have seen all the alarms in my plc program are kept in the N7:1 and N7:3 out of which all bits for N7:1 is used and 9 bits for N7:3 is used.

So right now I'm creating the alarms messages for N7:1
I went and created tag with name ALARM1 digital bit and used the device address as ::[shortcut]N7:1/1 and then used the same alarm tag while creating alarms and kept trigger value as 1.

But while reading some post, few of them has mentioned to use L16 L32 in address bit ::[shortcut]N7:1(L16)
Can't I use this ::[shortcut]N7:1/1 ?

2. Basically I'm converting pv550 to pv700. So I went and check alarms in pv550 in panelview 32 and I have seen there we have use "ack tag" as N7:2. because in plc program it was mentioned in description of N7:2 as ALARM RESET ADDRESS ARRAY.
DO I have to use this N7:2 in acknowledging the alarms.

Please some one help me

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You will need screenshots to fully express your situation.  I suspect your issue is with the scripting of register addresses; your SLC-500 PLC name is what is shown in RSLinx and that is what will be [shortcut] in RSView ME.

For migrating a PV550 to a PV700, if the previous PV550 HMI application required operators to acknowledge all alarms (otherwise how would the alarms go away), the new PV700 application should do the same.  Otherwise you will be modifying the behavior of the machine.  

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