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  1. Hundreds of Discrete Alarms - Simplest method?

    Could you explain this a little more.  I understand the importance of data blocks with regards to their involvement in function blocks and holding information, but not sure how I would structure the DB to hold ALL of the alarms?  In the attached screenshots, I have an old program from a previous job where they used a DB like you are suggesting.  I'd like to replicate it since the WinCC call seems to be farely straight forward too. How is this done in S7 v15?
  2. Good morning all! I'm just getting into this world of controls and automation and need a way to simplify my life when it comes to discrete alarms. I do not care to separate them by tag so long as I can create a personalized for each bit/alarm triggered. What is the best way to list hundreds of alarms in a single tag? Can we make use of a struct data type? If so, what would this look like? I understand I can use something like a tag of data type word, such as "Faults" MW100 and then reference M101.0, M101.1... M100.0, M100.1 (notice the order), but this only allows me 16 total discretes per tag.  Sometimes I'll have more alarms than 16 and sometimes way less. I'd rather not seperate them in this manner if I can avoid it. Your assistance is much appreciated!   [edit] Siemens TIA and WinCC v15