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  1. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    Hello again, Unfortunately my customer is still insistent on receiving an acknowledgement at the controller for each individual alarm. I have read into using macros for doing this but I am completely lost at trying to get the memory address for an item in the alarm queue.  Here is a simplification of what I want to achieve: Alarm display monitors 60, bit packed registers, and if one goes into alarm it appears on the alarm display. Now usually when you press on the alarm display to dismiss the alarm  it joins the alarm history list. At this point is it possible for me to send a value back to the controller which acknowledges the alarm for a given register? i.e. i need to tell the controller which register I am sending the acknowledgement back for.  I know this must be possible but what I want to do in my macro is to say: "clear this alarm (register X) and write a value of Y back to this register so the controller knows which alarm I have just acknowledged". I just cant seem to find a way of accessing the register number in my macro for a monitored register. I hope I have worded this correct.
  2. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    I have in-boxed you my email, thanks.
  3. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    Also just to add Bob, my customer wants alarm to be out of alarm AND an acknowledgement from the operator so delete when alarm/event is cancelled would remove the alert even without an operator acknowledgement if i understand correctly?
  4. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    Okay that sounds like a plan. This may be a dumb question but is an alarm/event display required for each of the 60 alarms or is it possible to set a single display for any of the 60 alarms? My customer has provided a requirement: "a summary of the most recent alarms shall be displayed on all HMI screens" which is why i went down the route of using a history table on the master sheet. If I could assign a single alarm/event display to cover all alarms for acknowledgements then I could include an alarm history display alongside it to meet those requirements. Thanks
  5. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    Hi Bob, thanks for your reply. I may actually be displaying my alarms in the wrong way based on your reply. There are around 60 alarm registers so I was actually using the alarms history at the top of each page to display the alarms and then relying on an operator to check and then delete the alarm to indicate acknowledgement. Would you recommend using an alarm/event display for each of the alarms then? I thought this approach would be unsuitable for this amount of alarms initially. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have a requirement from a customer to acknowledge alarms from either of two  NS15 HMI's in the system. Can anyone provide info on how I may be able to acknowledge or delete alarms on one HMI which would also acknowledge or delete said alarm(s) on the second panel?  Both of the HMI's are polling one controller for alarm status so I assume that each time an alarm is acknowledged or deleted it would have to alert the controller which would then send something to the second HMI to clear the alarms? Any help is appreciated.
  7. CX Designer using tables - Help

    Thanks! That looks perfect.
  8. CX Designer using tables - Help

    Are you able to elaborate at all? I have created a table but It seems I can only assign registers to each cell. I want the left column to be static labels and the corresponding polled values to be in the right column. If you have a link to any guidance on using tables that would be great! I cant seem to find much guidance on using the tables in the manual.
  9. CX Designer using tables - Help

    Hi all, I have been getting to grips with the different graphic displays in CX One Designer but I am having trouble trying to produce a table which shows column one as a label and column 2 as data value that I am polling from a Modbus slave. From what I have read/tried the data block table seems to require a csv as the data source and I cant seem to achieve what I want with the standard table. If anyone can advise how I might be able to achieve this I would be extremely grateful. Below is the sort of thing I'm hoping to achieve but in a table format:   Bearing 1 Temperature 80°C Bearing 1 Vibration 0.2 mm/s²         Bearing 2 Temperature 82°C Bearing 2 Vibration 0.2 mm/s²  
  10. Font colour to indicate multiple states

    Thanks for your reply. It looks like I may have to do more that just replace labels depending on I/O values so getting familiar with scripts may be required. Do you have any links to a guide to using scripts in CX designer at all?
  11. Font colour to indicate multiple states

    From reading the brief CX-Designer manual I get assume this type of action is possible via a macro. Can anyone provide any sort of guide on using macros or can provide an example of one which might solve the problem. What I am hoping for is based on an integer value between 1-7 the background colour of a label and the font itself will change colour to match the above example.
  12. I am just getting started with CX One Designer and I am wondering if anybody can tell me if it is possible to change the font and border colour to indicate state for a multi state input. The system I am monitoring has 7 different states and the customer has asked for a colour coded label to indicate the state of the system. i.e. red = bad, green = good, amber = warning etc.   Any help is appreciated.