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  1. iFix alarms all at once

    Just after midnight last night a site received EVERY alarm on the HMI but nothing had shutdown.  Has anyone ever seen this?  Does anyone know why this happened or how to prevent this from happening again?  The site is not manned around the clock and the operator received a call out that the whole plant went down.  Thanks!
  2. I'm programming an analog alarm and I think there are 2 ways to do this.  I can use the CMP block and turn a relay on if the value goes LT or GT a setpoint or I can acually configure an alarm using the 128 alarms available within Tisoft.  I know that the analog alarm programming allows for deadband, multiple alarms, deviation alarms, etc but if all I want to do is notify the HMI that an alarm has occured, why can't I just do that with the coil from the CMP block?  Just wondering if it is possible.  Thanks!