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  1. DL EP1 use TCP IP  but FX5U Only ethernet tcp,,You can use DL-EN1 or add module ethernet ip on plc and You can use dedicate program on plc fx5u with SOCKET communication,and You must set up on parameter ethernet port-->basic setting --> external device configuration ,and you just setting active communication module ( ip address and port number device and plc ) you make program on plc  use function socket communication, SP.SOCOPEN, SP.SOCSND,SP.SOCRCV, and SP.SOCCLOSE SORRY I WAS TOO LONG TO ANSWER,,2023  

    I have getted how to setting qj71e71 communication with opc server takebishi and it's running well, it's very simple setting, data from plc can be sent to database pc.  
  3. Dear sir. Hello Anyone I have Stepper motor with control  AZD KD and BLVD20KM ORIENTAL.I Want to communication with QJ71C24N Modbus rtu Mitsubishi ,How to make program and Drive motor to multi position and speed and to get moving home position. Please guide and show How to Communicate it, Thank you very much for your support. Best Regards
  4. Dear all member forum plc , Hello anyone can suggest me,how to communicate QJ71E71-100 WITH OPC Takebishi,How to to configure parameter on QJ71E71 -100 and OPC server Takebishi,I Want to aqcuisition data machine to database,
  5. QJ71E71 100

    I have trial it.With dedicated instruction ZP.BUFRCV AND ZP.BUFSND.. CPU 1 Send D2300 ..CPU 2 RECEIVE D60. CPU 2 SEND D60...CPU 2..RECEIVE D2300. Succes communication with two plc.         PLC 1 (QJ71E71-100) OKE.gxw PLC 2 (QJ71E71-100) OKE.gxw
  6. QJ71E71 100

    Thanks you very much for your response.I will try it.
  7. QJ71E71 100

    Thanks you for your reply,,Can you make me sample program ,dedicated instruction ZNWR and ZNRD. CPU 1.QO1CPU . SLOT 0 .QJ71E71-100. CPU 2.Q03UDE. SLOT 0.QJ71E71-100   Thank you For your attention and support.
  8. QJ71E71 100

    Dear Anyone. Anyone can help me. How to communication two plc Q SERIES MITSUBISHI.With QJ71E71 100.It Can Read/write .Can Show me. example instruction command ladder.or parameter CPU 1.D0 to d300. CPU 2 D400 to D700. Two Plc can Communication  read / write data register. Thanks you for your attention.
  9. QJ71E71-100 to QJ71E71-100 Data Transfer

    Dear Sir. Can you show me .dedicated instruction with ZP.BUFSND AND ZP.BUFRCV.Thanks

    Dear Sir. Can Anyone Help me,How To read  Holding Register QM30VT2 BANNER With QJ71C24N Mitsubishi ,With Rs 485 Communication.I Want To read Holding Register it,More than 2500 Register. Thank you for attention. Best Regards.
  11. Until now my problem about Qj71mt91 has not been resolved and I have contacted a technician from the Mitsubishi agent but it has not been resolved either 😑😑😑
  12. Master . Cpu  IP = QJ71MT91  IP = SLAVE 1. CPU IP = QJ71MT91 IP = SLAVE 2. CPU ( Q02 H CPU ). QJ71 MT91 = 192.168.3 70 I've tried it, without a CPU connection to Ethernet,But still problem
  13. there are no other devices connected to , only a notebook and 3 modbus installed 
  14. If Master and slave 1 are connected  ,slave 2 cannot pinging,sometimes it can be connected, after 12 times time out
  15. there are no other devices connected to , only a notebook and 3 modbus installed