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  1. Omron CJ2H Memory Location value

    See appendix A-4-2 in the W473 manual. gtsuport
  2. problems with CP1H analog input

    Have you reviewed the CP1H manual? Manual #W450 Section 5-5. gtsuport
  3. Timer

    Welcome to the forum. Bit 254.00 should be a 1 minute pulse.  It is a 50% duty cycle pulse. 30 seconds on/30 seconds off. You could use that bit as the input for your counter. gtsuport
  4. IO Table

    That sounds like a valid plan. Good Luck! gtsuport
  5. IO Table

    Have you registered your software? If so, I would try to do an Auto Update. Go to your Start menu, Omron program group.  You should have an Omron Automation Software Auto Update option. This will check your installed versions against the update server versions and allow you to update. This will take some time, files are large. gtsuport
  6. IO Table

    What operating system is on your computer. In CX-Programmer go to the pull down menu Help / About, what is your CX-Programmer version? gtsuport
  7. IO Table

    You should be able to say Yes.
  8. IO Table

    CPS files go way back, current versions of CX-Programmer do not use them. If you go to Options, can you Create an IO Table?  Processor will need to be in Program mode to do this. gtsuport
  9. Can't connect to PLC

    Glad to be able to help. gtsuport
  10. Can't connect to PLC

    From your Start menu, go to the Omron program group. You should find an Omron Automation Auto Update choice. This may or may not need to be updated, but it will check the server and update any of the CX-One programs as required. This may take some time. gtsuport
  11. Can't connect to PLC

    CP1L should be listed.  That product has been around since 2007. It is supported in both the Lite and Full versions for CX-Programmer. Can you check with your distributor to see if they can verify the version purchased? gtsuport
  12. Can't connect to PLC

    Any idea if he registered the software? You can do online updates to CX-One if the software is registered.  
  13. Can't connect to PLC

    Sounds like it might be a demo version. How did you get the software? gtsuport  
  14. Can't connect to PLC

    Ok, try setting it up manually. File, New, you should get a Change PLC dialog box. For the Device Type click the down arrow and choose the CPU.  CP1L then the Settings button choose the correct type. Then OK. For Network Type, USB should be selected.  that should be correct. Then click OK. From the PLC pull down menu, click Work Online.  This should get connected. If not, let me know what error messages you get. gtsuport.
  15. Can't connect to PLC

    What operating system is on your computer? Are you trying to use Auto Online, or setting the connection manually? gtsuport
  16. Can't connect to PLC

    Check the Help, About menu. What is your CX-Programmer version? What operating system are you using? gtsuport
  17. Can't connect to PLC

    Good Morning, Guessing the USB driver is not loaded. Please see this YouTube video. gtsuport  
  18. Unable to connect CJ1M CPU12

    The issue is USB to Serial converters are not all the same. We have had the best success with FTDI chipset converters. Others seem to work sometimes, but not always. Also note that the Omron 9 pin port is NOT a standard pinout.  See attached.
  19. Unable to connect CJ1M CPU12

    Good Morning, Guessing the CPU is CJ1M-CPUxx-ETN? This cable would allow you to connect the the 9 pin port on the PLC and the HMI. This cable would connect to the peripheral port on the PLC. What is the part number of the HMI?  We may be able to verify the IP addressing using the HMI setup. gtsuport
  20. Multiple branches in a single network

    Not possible in CX-Programmer, need to be individual rungs. gtsuport
  21. CP1W TS001

    Good Morning, The TS001 expansion module setup is detailed in manual W462 CP1L Operation Manual. Please see section 7-5 -1 for dip and rotary switch settings. gtsuport
  22. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    W472 is the general hardware manual for the CJ2. You need to look at the part number of the CPU Bus unit modules and refer to the specific manual. CIO and DM information is detailed in the manual. gtsuport
  23. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    Thanks Mike!!
  24. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    Depends on the "Unit" or "Machine" number setting on the rotary switch on the module. D memory is allocated based on:  D30000 + (Unit Number x 25). So Unit # 1 would allocate D30025 - D30049. You can find this information in the W339 manual. gtsuport
  25. Backing up SYSMAC CQM1 CPU41

    Unfortunately that is really the only way to back up the program. CQM1/CQM1H was discontinued over 10 years ago. Check for a USB version for the CQM1-CIF02 (USB-CIF02). CQM1-CIF02 is a serial cable, so you will probably need a USB to serial converter. Works great and a lot less expensive. gtsuport