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  1. @Jay Anthony You're the man! 
  2. @gtsuport Thanks for your reply! We're basically fish out of water when it comes to PLC we do have tech background so first thing is getting that handheld however Im having a hard time finding Host Link here in the states thru ebay can I just use the handheld instead? If we were have lost the programming due to a dead battery what would be our solution to this? We have an expensive paper weight at this point.    
  3. Good Day to all, One morning we turned on our die cutter (Model ADC 690) and encountered a solid red light (error) on the controller. We ran thru a similar issue on another machine with a different PLC that its programming code got erased due to a dead battery. We seem to have another similar problem with our die cutter we tested the onboard batter turned out dead. So my question is could this be the same issue where programming got lost due to a bad battery? I will attach picture of the controller. We browsed thru the manual and so far it doesnt state any program deletion due to a dead battery. We are hoping this is not the case as the manufacturer of the diecutter no longer exists. Any help from the gurus will be appreciated.   Thank you! Rudy