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  1. If you are looking for someone to do this let me know. I worked on the exact saws Bob is talking about. We used old school PLC back in the day. Now we would use ethernet devices and run. 
  2. i need help for chaina plc

    The MAM-KY02S  is a dedicated processor just for Air Compressors correct?
  3. DeviceNET Master Simulator

    Chris look at Real Time Automation the have some nice hardware based systems. The 460 can be used as a Dnet master. Not a simulator but cost effective.
  4. Whole Forum Posts are Replaced???

    No they where all old post. Thanks
  5. Whole Forum Posts are Replaced???

    If this has been covered sorry I couldn't find it in my search? Why have some of the pictures be deleted in several of the threads?
  6. Getting freelance PLC programming work

    Get insurance!!!! One small problem and it could cost you a lot.
  7. Multiple EtherTraks to 1 Red Lion

    Are you trying to use them on the serial or Ethernet? I have not used them. So take this advice for what you paid for it. You should be able to use the Modbus driver to talk to the EtherTraks.
  8. inexspensive interface

    Red Lion HMI
  9. Host commands is what you will be looking for in the manual.
  10. DIN Rail Cutters

    I bought DIN rail and wire duct cutters when I was doing a huge job. Money well spent. I can layout duct and rail super quick. My helpers started out using hacksaws. The edges always looked like they where cut with a hacksaw and someone tried to clean them up. My local supply house has a DIN cutter and I used it a handfull of times. I was in another panel shop and they where cutting rail like mad men.
  11. Micrologix with Opto 22 SNAP I/O

    830 as remote I/O?????? Ken Roach what? ????? The only reason I don't report your account as hacked is because it is Modbus. I might have to ask Chris to monitor your account for more crazy post. I am having my local AB rep sample shop a 2080 Dnet card just to play with. I don't plan on using this as a control source just a play with and understand dnet a little better.
  12. Firmware aggravations again

    Click on the firmware number.
  13. Look up Peter Nachtwey on this forum. He is the president of delta motion they have some great color sensors.
  14. Identify contact block out of foot switch

    Is that foot switch the same as Automation Direct selld?
  15. Littell stock feeder, unsupported

    Did you find anything out about your feeder?