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  1. Becoming a PLC Programmer - Advice***

    * Youtube has really good videos, buy a PLC and software from EBAY * Allen Bradley RS logix 500 and 5000, Factary talk and studio 5000 * I belive in hands on training and reading articles * Program PLCs and HMIs, need to also study electrical blueprint reading and basic electronics My website    
  2. I am providing a forum to help people with there automation needs. I can answer simple questions using my experience to help people. If you need a turn key control system, no matter what it is please contact me. I have over 200 of my designs in the field now and provide a good documentation package, support and grantee my work. Lots of flexibility here! Lets start by talking and see where it goes? Cell 843 616-2959 Leave a message Mike Webster  
  3. Control Valve

    There are many different valve types, we cant help you unless you give us the manufacture and part number. Mike
  4. how to look at specific sections of a register

    I think that very simple , well defined ladders and rungs using bits with comments would be best for troubleshooting. Don't see a need to over design it?
  5. Alternative to Turck fieldbus cordsets

    I like to buy the parts and make my own, wire and connectors
  6. Choose a PLC

    Allen Bradley Compact Logix L36
  7.  I have some GE PLC parts for sale. contact me if interested

  8. MCR for motor control and other AC items

    I would typically disable the Power to the DC drive thru a safety relay. you may need to check the current and volts of your safety relay. seen this before, contact me if you need help. Mike  
  9. Looking for information connecting a WTC welder control to PLC