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  1. Problem: I am getting a control sync fault on 2 recently installed kinetix 5500 but only when my programing PC is connected to the machine network.  Install and setup all went great over a 5 day period.  Then all of a sudden I started to get this fault. Sometimes 100 times in an hour.  As soon as I go offline, and unplug my PC the problem goes away.  I have also tried another PC connected to the Machine network and still get the same result.  Sometimes machine can run for hours with my PC connected with no problem.  I do not have to be online with controller for fault to occur. Setup: I have the 2 K5500's ethernet ports daisy chained together, and then connected via shielded CAT 6 cable directly to port 2 of the Compact Logix Controller Coarse Update is set to 3.5ms and utilization's are at 33% and below.(I have tried the default 2ms with same results) Ethernet modules are configured with FW rev 7.013. Machine network is isolated.(not connected to plant network or internet) Equipment: Compact logix L33ERM Running version 30.01. There are a total of four servos in this system all running over ethernet.  2 Kinetix 350's(not affected), and 2 kinetix 5500's. I have tried: separate ethernet cables for each drive ran through a switch different ethernet cables resetting coarse update speed connecting a different PC for programming   I am just not sure where else to go with this.  Thanks in advance for any help.  
  2. Thank you guru.  I am having a similar issue with a preview plus 600.  It is communicating rs232 to an slc 5/03 processor.  Sometimes it takes buttons up to 5 seconds to respond.  Sometimes they respond immediately.   Sometimes its like they buttons are being held down.  Update rate is set to maximum of 1 sec.  Any idea what could cause this?   To add to the information, it is a converted PB32 program from an old panelview 600.  All the objects communicate with the plc via hmi tags.
  3. How do you edit the tag update rate?
  4. Post 2020,  Masks will be mandatory on all communications or 14 day isolation of messages will be required.
  5. Agreed! Try telling that to these Jokers.  Data collection that no one even uses is more important than keeping your machines shielded from outside influences. They do take security seriously, I am not trying to say any differently.  But the security also becomes the problem in some cases. Also, when I.T. goes to messing around with network settings, and machines start doing funny stuff, it becomes our problem to troubleshoot and fix. I will stop whining now... lol Be Safe out there!
  6. That did it Joe E.  This is exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately we do not have a managed switch on this machine.  If we cannot remedy this with a simple change to the device that is taking over as the master, then going to install a managed switch and try to go that route.  For policy reasons, if we were to add a PC the I.T. Dept would have to be involved since it is connected to the Facility network :/.  That usually doesn't end well here. Thank you both very much for all of the help on this!  
  7. Definitely a better result, but not quite the info I was hoping for.  I am assuming Sint's 0-8 are the Clock Identity. Sint [10] is accuracy, Sint[14] is offset, sint[20] and [22] are the priorities. Just not sure if I will be able to identify the specific piece of hardware with this.
  8. I tried this exact UDT structure and it gave me an invalid data type error.  I will keep messing around with it to see if I can find something it likes.   thanks again for all the assistance!
  9. Thank you Joe E.  This looks promising.  I just cant seem to get the data type right.  The GSV returns data when I use a DINT[8], but they are seemingly random numbers.  I have tried to correlate the information, but I do not see any relations to the master clock data.  I have also tried to make a SINT[8](as explained in the instruction help) and store but all I get are 0's in every field.  Other data types are either invalid or again I will get all 0's.  Im not sure what I am missing here.
  10. We are having issue on a machine running kinnetix 5500 drives where we randomly get clock Sync Faults.  This particular machine is set up as a slave looking to another PLC(L36-ERM) on a different station of the same machine as the time master.  There are about a dozen other PLC's(totally different machines) on the same network and most are set up as masters for their own systems and to my knowledge they have never had this issue. There are also dozens of other devices connected to this network, and then this network is part of the facility wide network.( I apologize if this is a little wordy) We are pretty sure that the slave is finding a more accurate clock on the network somewhere and syncing to it causing the servos to fault. We have tried making both the master, and the local clock of these 2 particular PLC's higher priority than the others to eliminate this with no success. What I am trying to do is track what clock this particular slave is looking at as its master when the clock sync fault has occurred.  is there away to do this through ladder logic?  it seems like we should be able to get this information and save it so we can figure out who the culprit is.
  11. What Browser are you using?  I have had trouble accessing their downloads while using internet explorer V9.   Have you tried firefox or chrome?
  12. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    If the number goes above 32767 a minor fault will occur.  This will throw the processor out of run mode.   To recover from the error, you need to make sure the high value is cleared, and then just reset or clear the fault.  This may only apply to counter and integer registries though. Checkout page 43 section 2-7
  13. I have only used Kepware OPC to pull info from PLC's That are not AB for FTView ME to run status displays. I would think a laptop running the kepware OPC server should get the data from the PLC to the Laptop in most cases. What kind of data are you wanting to read? I have ran into a few PLC's(mitsubishi q series) that do not like talking to kepware from their serial ports. Im not sure how this may affect it using ethernet though. Keep in mind that if you are using a Micrologix 1400 you will also need to buy a license for RS500 programing software, download and install to be able to connect to the PLC and program it.(if you know this already I apologize, it was not mentioned in your post)
  14. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    More than likely you will use Ethernet for PC Communication.  you will need to know the IP address of the panelview and set your PC IP address and subnet to match before you will be able to see the PV+ in Rslinx   Cancel
  15. In some way, shape, or form the program in the processor does not exactly match the program that is saved on your CPU.  Did you verify your changes while online with the processor and then exit the program without saving? I would save the copy that has the "applied changes" under a different name.  then go online using the "applied changes" program and see if the message appears again.  If not, you can compare the original program with the "applied changes" program and find out where the difference is.