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  1. Test bit instruction

    Yes - there is TST and TSTn (test not).
  2. CITECT OMFINS3 Serial

    There are several Omron drivers for Citect. OMFINS I think is an old one that is why I suggested you have a look at this one. I could find them all easily on the old website - the Aveva website is a pain in the you know what!
  3. CITECT OMFINS3 Serial

    Have you had  look at this? I am over the Aveva website crap to be honest - the old website was much better and easier to navigata. hope this helps.
  4. Omron NB Software

    Google - easy.
  5. Schneider lexium ILS1 RS485

    First check the cable - pin 1 is negative and pin 2 is positive on the Omron side if I remember correctly.
  6. Sysmac + NX1P2 - P_On Bit?

    It just means always on.
  7. NB HMI Software V1.531

    Here is a link to the Gautami font - download it and install in Windows on your laptop/computer. Similar for the bold form.
  8. Omron CJ1 - Stream of Zeroes

    It could well be a firmware version issue. Check to see if there is a difference in the firmware with Omron. Easiest way would be to take a pic of the label and send to Omron.
  9. Math Floating Point numbers without Registers

    I think I know where you are coming from. All numbers have to be converted to floating point before you can us them for floating point maths. Integers do not work. Use FLT or FLTL to do the conversion.
  10. IO-Link Experiences

    Try updating your software - I just did an update and ConfiguratorFDT updated itself.
  11. IO-Link Experiences

    It may be a dud file - would not be the first time a supplier has supplied a dud file. Happened all the time with Device Net. Used to have to massage them all the time - even often the I/O size was wrong!
  12. CP1L - Debug mode is disabled

    I have never used debug mode but probably the PLC has to be in monitor mode and not run mode. Switch to monitor and give it a try.
  13. CX PROGRAM - TON and TOFF timers

    TIM is a time on timer - for a time off you will have to make your own. It is not difficult. The value to put into the timer is in BCD with # in front of it. If you are using a binary  time it id TIMX and the value is decimal with & in front of it.
  14. CP2E-N Modbus Communication

    You need to use the client FB - server is slave - client is master.
  15. Scanner input to CP1L

    Put the data into a data memory and use the data memory as the number reference in the counter - or timer. They will only accept numbers though - BCD on the old ones and decimal on the new ones.
  16. I am trying to find an Omron function block _CP2E030_SendModRTU_F06_P1 but cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone have a link at all please?
  17. Ta mate - not easy to find. Google brings up the manual not the FBs.
  18. Old Cqm1H cpu51

    In the manual - linear approximation function. Help in CX-P for it as well. Just look up the function.
  19. Local bit LB 9175 has to be enabled to enable the web server. Does anyone know how to do this please? I have searched everywhere and cannot find ho w enable the bit.
  20. NB screens - enable web server

    Not from a screen - just want it on all the time. Have it on a push button at the moment but want that to only be temporary.
  21. Sounds like you need to update studio.
  22. The mask only allows 2 digits through the mask - the other 2 digits are masked/blocked. Therefore you only have to move 2 digits with MOVD. believe me it works - I do it all the time.
  23. You can use a mask - then shift bits around to put them where you want. ANDW #00FF A352 D2000 will move hours into D2000. ANDW #FF00 A351 D2001 will move I think it is minutes into D2001. They will be on the left of the word. MOVD D2001 #12 D2002 will move the value to the right had side of the word. Hope this is what you require.
  24. Modbus SCU Function block

    Time out addition did not help - still no response. Back to PMCR - have to get it done.