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  1. CJ1W SCU 41-V1 (Ver3.0)

    Thanks a lot Master . Now successful for my test. The candle will never lost the light for sharing of it. Thanks million  
  2. CJ1W SCU 41-V1 (Ver3.0)

    Using Modbus RTU ( RS-485) , PORT 1 of SCU . I have tried that sensor using SCADA and it was successful. I have tried of SCADA and PLC ( SCADA as master and PLC as slave. I have set SCU to Modbus Slave) successful as well. I don't know how to use PLC as master and temperature as slave via MODBUS RTU ( RS 485- 2 wire ).  
  3. CJ1W SCU 41-V1 (Ver3.0)

    Hi everyone !  Firstly I am new to PLC and i have knowledge of electrical control . Now i am start learning plc with Omron PLC (CJ1M-CPU11). Can anyone please help to advise and guide me how to read from one temperature sensor ( not OMRON ) , the address is set to 1. data type is holding register ( 0) for humidity and  1 for temperature. I want to read from Omron PLC CJ1M +SCU 41-v1( Version) to that sensor. Please help me to achieve. Thanks a lot