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  1. Does the function block have to be st? you could achieve the same thing easily is ladder using ir method.   can send example if need be 
  2. Update Screen Time And Date From PLC

    I think both options will need to be done via a macro, to ensure they sync correctly. I have done this with the NS & am sure the NB but trying to find an example. You should be able to add a text field that writes to the system clock.  LW10000 = Sec, LW10001 = Min, LW10002 = Hr, LW10003 = Day, LW10004 = Month, LW10005 = year   Will see if I can find some examples
  3. Sorry about that, I thought it might be ok considering you knew what you wanted to achieve.  Your code looks different to what you were originally trying to achieve?
  4. Help with IR loop dilemma

    No.   How are you incrementing IR8? 
  5. Help with IR loop dilemma

    Are you wanting bit reference, or word reference?  In your example, what actual address are you wanting to reference based on your condition? Do you want D20000.xx (bit offset), or D2000x where x is 0-9 (word offset)?  
  6. Help with IR loop dilemma

    can you post what you have done? This is dependent on how the IR is loaded. If you MOVR W100.00 IR0, it will load the index as bits. So +8,IR0 will look at W100.07 If you MOVR W100 IR0, it will load as word, then +8,IR0 will reference W107   Have you looked at my example in this post, it may answer your questions.? http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/38647-nested-loop-increment-word-address-and-not-the-contents/
  7. Windows 10 and CX-Programmer

    Tools/Change Input Mode ..
  8. Windows 10 and CX-Programmer

    That is a default setting for input type, think it ‘smart mode’ or similar    I think 🤔
  9. CJ2 allows a ST program as well (instead of ladder), this might be better suited. there is also IR functions which I can provide an example of when back at computer.   edit: Have a look at the attached. Have included an example in ST, as well in ladder using IR/DR functions. Sorry I defaulted to +32 loop count just for example, overlooking the 6 request you had. But that is an easy change. There is also legacy ways using *D100, but we dont need to go down that path.   The ST method cannot be used in ladder as they did not allow pointer offsets into an array (from memory). Using the IR/DR0 method is by far superior as does not require symbol definitions as arrays, but takes a little bit more to understand.   Hopefully they easy enough to follow, but let me know if not. Am sure you will understand both methods.   CJ2 ArrayPointer Examples.cxp
  10. I have done this with Rockwell, so should be very similar. Without having the exact parameters with me right now, you need to ensure that control word source (or similar) is set it option card A.  
  11. Sysmac Studio Function Block Guide/Manual

    Dear I say it, but F1/help does have similar...  
  12. Nj & CJ1M communication

    It is very easy to do, probably simpler from the NJ->CJ, even though it should work just as well the other way (CJ->NJ, although I can’t recall doing that 😳) the only difficult part is the instructions are  un-documented in sysmac (at least they were..)   I can post an example of need be
  13. Ethernet/IP comms

    Hi, Is it possible to use the CIPUCMMRead to a rockwell PLC, or is it Omron specific? I am aware of the other ways using tag datalinks etc, but was just checking if this was available?
  14. Sysmac Studio Failed to write variable in ST

    Try closing the section & re-opening.? Otherwise post a screenshot/your code so we can see.
  15. RXDU