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  1. Ethernet Reset

    that was it!!!!    
  2. Ethernet Reset

    YES!! Doh, the reason I did not try this as port #1 on this NX was dodgy from memory 
  3. Ethernet Reset

    ahh, so I just copied the same code to a NJ101 that I have & get the desired result. (kicked off) I have a counter on '_EIP_EtnOnlineSta', that is incrementing each reset. The only difference from the NX102 is the path NX102: '01#01\02\' NJ101: '02\'
  4. Ethernet Reset

    to  port #1? Have you tried port #2?
  5. Ethernet Reset

    Have just tried that, but get error '1C01'   Still cant upload images :(
  6. Ethernet Reset

    Howdy Bob, I think there is similarities between the 2, but the EIP CIP requires a bit more? Or maybe just the omron implementation of each & every byte vs a simplified user GUI like AB requires a bit more thought?  
  7. Ethernet Reset

    Thanks Chris, I have seen that section, but as raw CIP is very new to be am still working it all out. Under Tools/EthernetIP Connection Settings/DeviceList, there is the ability to restart the selected port ( 1 or 2 for NX102) (perhaps I should of said restart instead of reset..)   When doing the restart, I did managed to capture the commands on wireshark but I also cannot upload the image/file. Am trying to decipher that to see if it is something that can easily be replicated..
  8. Ethernet Reset

    Hello, Anyone know of a way to reset a NX102 ethernet port programatically, using CIP commands perhaps? There is a button within Sysmac that does what I need, but want to implement that via code.      
  9. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

      is that set in the hardware config on the unit?
  10. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    I tested in simulation mode, had $SB13 & CIO700.13 side by side as animations. Both animated when the other was changed. I do have an NS in the office, but wont be back there until friday to test actual. As another test, you could try backlight status as well..? if the screen goes to sleep, you should see 700.11 change when you touch it & vice versa
  11. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    Hi Bob, Did you get this working as expected, or want me to send a screen shot?
  12. NS Screens Using The Buzzer

    if you link the system area, you should be able to write to the corresponding area from PLC. ie: CIO1200.13 => $SB13
  13. 2 x CJ2M-CPU31 and Ethernet IP

    Bob, Have you considered a separate network switch that is powered only when required, for the module in question? That would allow the duplicates to be set, but only 1x be active on the network at the same time?
  14. Does the function block have to be st? you could achieve the same thing easily is ladder using ir method.   can send example if need be 
  15. Update Screen Time And Date From PLC

    I think both options will need to be done via a macro, to ensure they sync correctly. I have done this with the NS & am sure the NB but trying to find an example. You should be able to add a text field that writes to the system clock.  LW10000 = Sec, LW10001 = Min, LW10002 = Hr, LW10003 = Day, LW10004 = Month, LW10005 = year   Will see if I can find some examples