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  1. EA3 Micro Panel

    I want to display the current time of day on mt Micro HMI, EA3-T6CL. Is there a function for this? How can I get the TOD to display?
  2. Program Conversion

    I have a small project that is running a DL-305 with a D3-330 CPU. I want to convert this to DL05 but the program has elements that are 305 only.   Is there a cross-reference document I can use to compare these elements?  
  3. Going Obsolete

    jrw, The PDF I received does not match the hardware I have. I tried to explain this to the vendor but he insisted it was the right program. I wanted to verify this information but the cost is too much. I am currently writing a Direct Logic of the program, based on the functions it performs. I will have to build a simulator device since I only have one shot at getting the conversion right.   
  4. Going Obsolete

    I just got a quote for S7-200 MICRO/WIN software, 6ES7810-2CC03-0YX0, for 1500.00 USD. The quote also listed this product as "PHASED OUT". What is the alternate product? Why would a supplier quote a phased out product? WTF!!
  5. OLD Siemens PLC

    acpi,   10,000 thanks! With this I can convert to Automation Direct.
  6. OLD Siemens PLC

    I have the .MWP file but I can't open it since I don't have the software. The original manufacturer can't get me a printout of the file since they have moved away from Siemens PLC's. Is it possible to get someone to send me the printout so I can troubleshoot what is happening in the system? At this point I only have the I/O indicators to go by. With the printout I can program a similar Automation Direct PLC and replace the Siemens.   Attached is the file. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.   Econo5.3.mwp
  7. OLD Siemens PLC

    I have an old stretch wrapper with a Siemens S7-200, CPU 222. The Catalog number is 6ES7212-1AB21-0XB0. I need to know what software will communicate with it as I need to extract the program for conversion to Direct Logic. I have S7-300 software available but it is difficult to get to. Will it work?  

    Yes, When the power is cycled, the parameters go back to default. The drive does not remember the changes. I sent your first reply to the Engineer. I hope he understands what it means. (He's a Siemens guy)

    I have a powerflex 525 that loses it's parameters every time power is cycled. Is there a battery I don't know about? What could be causing this?  

    Michael, I checked with the engineer and you are right, the output voltage is "clamped" at 2 and 7 volts. Your solution worked, thanks for the help!

    WE have been using the E5CK controller using a 0-10vdc ultrasonic sensor to control a product loop. The controller is outputting a 0/10v signal that is scaled to 2-7v as reference to maintain the loop, like a dancer. Our E5CK's are failing due to the plastic button actuators breaking off inside. Our Engineers bought a E5CN-H as the replacement for the E5CK, but I have not been able to replicate the scaled output. I get 0v, or 10v and I have not been able to scale this output. Is there a way to scale the output, is this the right controller to replace the E5CK? The full numbers are E5CK-AA1-500, and E5CN-HV2M-500.  
  12. Too SLOW?

    Thanks b_carlton. This is a matter of order of operation?
  13. Too SLOW?

    I am trying to program a 1 hour timer, that will, on completion, move a counter value to a V storage location, reset the timer, and reset the counter. this is to track parts made each hour. I have programmed the simulator, in DoMore 2.3, to do this but it says the timer.done needs 2 scans to be seen. My timer is resetting before I can see the done bit. Since this is the basis for my data move, my data is not moving. Is this just a function of the simulator, or will I get this in the PLC too?  
  14. Do-More Designer

    Thanks rlp122! I am assuming that the values are normal numbers, Hours 1-24, Minutes 1-60, etc? A/B uses a value based on 1/1/70 as 0. It's a bit confusing until you get into it. Next I'll ask about arrays in memory.    
  15. Do-More Designer

    Trying to program production tracking in Do-More 2.3. Need to track current Date, Time of day & current hour.  Anyone have an example of how time of day is used? I have done this in Allen Bradley 5000, but this Automation Direct stuff is new to me.