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  1. cx simulator

    Hi  the plc I have is the CPM2A ,  I do not have a problem when the plc is connected all ok , if I do not connect the plc can not work out how to use the simulator ?
  2. socket end  1 screen 2 green 3 red   5 black    4 to 6  link   7 to 8  link  plug end                      2 green   3 red          9 black     4 to 5  link  then use usb to serial converter  z tek  cost about  3 $
  3. cx simulator

    Hi all  still new to this . i have no idea how to make the simulator work ,it is all grayed out on the screen . if you run the cx simulator and get the virtual plc how do you run the program i  have checked on you tube  nothing there  any ideas will be help. currently i have  a plc connected, but need to use the virtual plc for the  other ones due to not having comms leads and usb to serial add 
  4. hi need a little help to get me started