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  1. transfer program problem

    Have you selected the right PLC and CPU type? The CPU type can be alterd in the settings (behind the PLC) menu when you make a new project.
  2. CPM1A-MAD02-CH

    First you have to write the range to the MAD. Look in the manual for the range you want. Use a first cycle flag to put the range with a MOV instruction to the MAD. If the MAD is right after the CPM1A. Then this will be channel 12, the next one will be 13 and so on. Then u can write a value to that channel from a DM with another MOV instruction. EDIT: Here is the program, you just have to edit it to your specifications.
  3. HMI's

    I'm making a report for school and i want to make it about HMI's with an eye on Omron's NS5, NS8, NS10 and NS12. Does any body has some info on HMI's? Any information is welkom. Thanks SvS.
  4. CJ1M CPU12 trouble starting

    When u change something with the PLC at a C200H. Like removing a I/O unit. You need to type something in the PRO and the error goes away. It has something to do with the I/O table settings. It needs refreshing. I believe it was something like FUN, shift CH, CHG, 9, 7, 1, 3, WRITE? But maybe someone else can help with that.
  5. NT20M-DT131

    There will probably be a dipswitch that will switch the language from japanese to english. If there is a dipswitch it will most likely be switch 2. PS: If there is no program in the unit. The tool will say that it can receive data.
  6. Omron E3H-DS5B2 NPN or PNP?

    The inputs respond on both polarities. If you have more than one common on a input unit. It is posibble to use them with both polarities.
  7. New CP1H

    It's bad news when it comes from china, because we are waiting for parts of NT20's and they don't know when it's gonna be deliverd. We expect that it's gonna take at least more than 10 weeks. So the delivery from china sucks very much. The NSC cannot sell anything that they can't get hold of.
  8. How to clear the memory of PLC

    What are you using to communicate with the PLC? Here is the method to clear the memory with the PRO.
  9. Connection Error to NS7 PT - RS232

    I don't know which protocol that cable is. But it is posible that the wrong protocol is set at the NS. (Protocols like the NT-link or HOST-link cables.) And is the right port set for communication.
  10. NT20S Control and Notify

    The control area is a output of the NT to control the PLC. The notify area is a input of the NT. So the PLC can control the NT. For the control and notify area you can use all sorts of memory area's like the DM and HR. Look in the manual what the memory area's are. Than try to use a high number. Like DM10 when u have 16 DM's. When u choose a control and notify area keep in mind that the control area uses 4 (sometimes it uses 5 words. But i think you only use 4 words.) words. This means the control area uses DM10 to DM14. When you set the control area to DM10. The notify area uses 2 words. When you set the notify area to DM15 it uses DM15 and 16. The NT then uses DM10 to DM17. I've added some networks you have to program in the PLC so that the NT begins at screennumber 1 and so the PLC can control the screennumber of the NT. *****NOTE:***** When i set the PT area's and i wanted to use DM10. I had to type DM1000. At the PLC i just used DM10. NT_netwerk.bmp
  11. input and output address for CPM2a

    When you look on the top of the CPM2A. On top of the unit are the inputs below the screwterminal there are three rows of numbers. You will see in the thirth row numbers with CH in front. That is your channel number. When u look above this number you will see the numbers 00 to 07? ( Depending upon the type you're using ). These numbers are the input numbers. You put them behind your channel number. With a point between them to get number like 000.00, 001.00, 001.00. For the outputs you use the number like above. These numbers are above the lower screwterminal. ( The lower screw terminal are the outputs. ) The first output is 010.00.
  12. NT Touch switch

    I think the PLC isn't going in RUN mode. How do I get the PLC in RUN mode without a PRO. (PC or NT?).
  13. NT Touch switch

    Hello everbody, I've created a program on a NT30 and connected it with a CPM1A. I made some touchswitches to control the PLC, but it doesn't work with the program. It does control outputs directly not the program.
  14. CPM1A Info

    I have to make a essay for school. Because I recently worked on my school project with the CPM1A. That I got sponserd from OMRON. I want to make the essay about the CPM1A. So if somebody has some information everything is welkom.
  15. Tumbwheel DA converter

    Thanks a lot everbody. I haven't tested the program but I think everything works. If everything works out I should have everything working tommorrow.