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    Have you any screen shots of this software? Have you have any files that have the extension .S5D ?
  2. E1101

    What software and cable is required to upload from a E1101 HMI? E designer 7 ?? Thanks
  3. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Correct.   FYI - here is a link to the S7 200 manual with details of all the cards etc. S7-200 Programmable Controller ( Page 416 for details of the EM231 showing DIP switches that may need adjusting on any replacement module. As Joe E said - it is worrying why anyone would be looking at a digital output module if the problem is with an analog input module?
  4. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Ah ok - as per Joe E this makes sense now. Yes I would change the EM 231 module first and see what happens. as already stated you cannot just move the wiring to a spare analog input without changing the program,
  5. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Is this the correct part number? I cannot find it on the Siemens web site or in the S7 200 manual. The nearest I can find is 6ES7 222-1BF22-0XA0 The EM 222 is a digital output module. How is the atmospheric pressure connected and displayed??
  6. S7-200 programming/replacement

    So he did not actually go online to check the values being seen at the analog input by the CPU? (and everything else works ok?)
  7. S7-200 programming/replacement

    This PLC was declared obsolete in 2017 Product Lifecycle (PLM) PM410:Product cancellation PLM Effective Date Product is cancelled since: 01.10.2017   You may still be able to obtain one from the likes  of Radwell. However you would need someone with the S7 Microwin software and PPI interface cable to be able to program any replacement. If the CPU is password protected then an upload would not be possible. Have you connected a signal generator directly to the analog input to eliminate any wiring problems?    
  8. S7 Retentive Timer

    Here is some information / descriptions -  For S_ODTS S_ODTS (Retentive On-Delay S5 Timer) starts the specified timer if there is a positive edge at the start (S) input. A signal change is always necessary in order to enable a timer. The timer runs for the time interval specified at input TV even if the signal state at input S changes to "0" before the time interval has elapsed. The signal state at output Q is "1" when the timer has elapsed without regard to the signal state at input S. The timer will be restarted (re-triggered) with the specified time if the signal state at input S changes from "0" to "1" while the timer is running.The timer is reset if the reset (R) input changes from "0" to "1" without regard to the RLO at the S input. The signal state at output Q is then "0".   For FC 80 (TONR) ENThis is the enable for the code block. This pin can be permanently true.   TMR_ENWhen the code block is enabled, the function of the pin can be used. The time counting will count time as long as this pin is true.RESETThe time counter will be reset to 0 if this pin becomes true.PVThis is the preset value or target value. It is a double integer (DINT), for that reason the "L#" before the number. In the case of the example the L#1000 represents 1000 msec.DELTA_TThis is the duration of time that has gone by since the code block was called (master enable) last. We are able to read the scan cycle time of the PLC. In OB1 there is a "TEMP" variable called OB1_PREV_CYCLE that gives the cycle duration in msec. If you call the code block every cycle then this number should be accurate. This number is added to the elapsed time when TMR_EN is true.ETThis is the elapsed time. This IN_OUT parameter tracks the time counting and is also the memory.QThis is the block output indicating if ET >= PV. Can you post a image of your FC80 call ?  
  9. Software requirements

    Have you the original project? Do you know what version TIA was used to program it? To upload from the PLC you will require the same version TIA as it was programmed in, see the following link - What options are available in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) for uploading when the project v... - ID: 97554052 - Industry Support Siemens If you have the project then you can migrate to a newer version of TIA. If you register on the Siemens web site you can download a trial version of TIA which is fully functional for 21 days.
  10. FX0N-24MR ES to FX0N-24ER

    From the hardware manual items with ES are "AC, World specification" and if nothing it is "AC, Japanese specification"   FX0/FX0N SERIES HARDWARE MANUAL ( Unfortunately I cannot find what the differences are!  
  11. Reading and writing Minutes and seconds in TIA Portal?

    have a look here - it might help Showing time elapsed in HMI - Entries - Forum - Industry Support - Siemens or here In STEP 7 (TIA Portal), how do you convert the number of milliseconds into days, h... - ID: 42637538 - Industry Support Siemens
  12. Error PLC S7-300

    More details of the system is really required but - Is there any remote i/o (Profibus / Profinet)? Are all the i/o power supplies ok?  
  13. Siemens S5-95U PLC and Battery Concern

    If the program is on RAM then remove the EPROM and see if the program remains in RAM after the power is removed (make a back up first). If the program is still in the RAM then the battery is good - it is the "detection " circuit in the PLC that is faulty. I would either replace the PLC for a reconditioned unit OR replace the entire system for an S7 1200 PLC.
  14. Siemens STEP 7 V5.6

    Look in the STAT area of FB 409 to see if the FB 373 is declared there - this is "multi instance DB" method. Can you do a screen shot of the FB 409 declaration area or attach an archive of the program.
  15. Siemens S5-95U PLC and Battery Concern

    The picture shows you have an EEPROM inserted so no battery is required - the PLC will reload the program after every "power on". Although the battery maybe needed to maintain any user / machine data that maybe adjusted form an HMI? If you have changed the battery and the LED is still on then you either have a faulty battery, wrongly connected battery, bad connected battery or a fault PLC. Have you the S5 software to go online and check the I & B Stacks when the PLC faults ??